Wanted professional content writers to work on performance base.

We are looking for highly skilled persons who can write technical and non-technical articles in English language. The basic requirement of the candidate who is applying for this post should have good command on English grammar. The earnings will be calculated and paid on monthly basis to all of our content writers. You should write unique content and should not be duplicated from other sources. You should check the article using copyscape after posting. You can join this program any time and from any where in the world. The main terms and features of this program are as follows.

  • You should have user id and password in this blog to be able to write articles
  • Register in this blog and wait for our approval for writing articles
  • Log-on to blog and select your interested category or create category related to your interest. You can create new category if it is not already created
  • Write two articles with minimum of 1000 words and submit.
  • Please submit your latest resume in Resumes category
  • Wait for the approval by our content verification administrators
  • We confirm you for this job after reviewing your article
  • You can start writing articles as and when you required
  • You should write minimum of 25 and maximum of 250 articles per month to be eligible to receive the payment at the end of every month
  • We pay 40Rs. or 1USD per approved article
  • All the accumulated earnings, if it crosses more than 1000Rs. or 20USD in a month will be transferred to your paypal account on monthly basis
  • We also pay through bank transfers to Indian bank account or manual pay checks if the candidate is from Hyderabad

You can see the number of impressions you got instantly on the blog itself. You can monitor your account whenever you want. Your article will be crawled by search engines based on quality and uniqueness of your article. So please concentrate on writing good articles which should be helpful to the blog readers. Success comes through our customer service. We have to spend almost 6 times more to get a new visitor than keeping existing customer. Based on this principle same visitor comes to our blog regularly to read good quality and informative articles. As the quotation “No one can do everything but everyone can do something” states that we should work together to develop a central portal of information like this blog. In this blog we will give good technical and non-technical information to our visitors. We are planning to put almost everything about technical and non-technical information in this blog. So we are looking for the content writers from various fields. Selections will be done based on your qualifications, command on english language and time you can spend for this job.

You are most welcome to ask as many questions as you can about this article writing program. You can start writing in this blog only after clearing all of your doubts. This program is open to all age groups and all role players in their life as father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grand father, grand mother, house wife and working professional. Please do not hesitate to write any type of article except porn. We can write good articles in our own interest field, so select the field based on your interest only. World is growing on performance basis, so you need to show your performance to achieve best from your efforts.

The online article writing program is completely free of cost to any body who can perform. We will not charge any joining fee in starting phase. You can join this program at free of cost and can earn lot of income from your home and work place wherever possible.

You should have a good computer, Internet connection along with good power backup to do start this job. So please keep in mind that this equipment should be arranged by you only. We will not provide any equipment which are required to do this work. You can start this job immediately if you have this equipment with you already, after approval of your submitted articles by us.

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