What do I want now?

‘What do I want now?’ is he most fundamental question should be asked yourself through out the day to acquire highest level of desires in your life. You may want many things today to satisfy yourself, but you will not be satisfied until you reach the state of inner calm. You must find the ways in which you can satisfy fully yourself. It is only possible by travelling within. This shift of consciousness should happen at any stage of your life before leaving your body. Early shift is better than before leaving body. To acquire the great levels of satisfaction in your life, your focus must be form the deepest levels of inner chamber of your heart. You should hear the voice of your own form your heart all the time to know the satisfaction levels. You must remember this greatest information in each and every action that you perform to satisfy yourself.

Want is the most essential aspect to experience the highest form

Want is the most essential word to remember all the time to achieve anything

If you want enlightenment, Self-realisation, or to know who is God, the quest should be form within and you should remember it always. Something will happen when you do the action, nothing will happen if you don’t do any action. The action of remembering your want should happen all the time while you are awaken.

If you want something today, you should search for it in the appropriate places. For example, if you want to watch a movie in a big screen, you should walk towards a multiplex or any big movie theatre to accomplish the goal of watching a movie in a big theatre. Similarly, you have to hear the shuttle sound within to acquire the state of calmness and so the highest satisfaction levels of happiness. When turn your external eyes towards inside, all the desires will be fulfilled within no time. You can test by closing your eyes instantly whenever you feel difficulty in handling situations. You feel instant relaxation in that particular moment. You can repeat the process of closing eyes and shifting focus on your breath gives you more pleasantness and calmness instantly. The problem with many people is that, they don’t even try to do this small activity. If you do, you will get, otherwise you don’t get anything. So, you should do an action to achieve whatever you want.

Today what you are is just because of the images and sound within your mind. That means, the information that is there in your mind governing your actions. Your mind is the main controller for your body actions. Many secrets are stored in your subconscious mind. If you can get access to the information that is stored in your subconscious mind, it is a great advantage for you to achieve all of your desires. You can easily come out of your mundane way of living life. Your body, mind, emotions and the Life are the greatest gifts that you have today, you should utilise these gifts fully until you know yourself. If you don’t use, naturally, you will become old and leave your body. You have to wait millions of years to get all the gift again. There is no grantee of time the period that you have wait to gain all the gifts again. Also, there is no surety of having the same mindset again. It is better to act now to shift your focus to extract information form your subconscious mind. Once you attain the state of getting information within, it is very easy to become completely satisfied. All the desires will be fulfilled easily then.

Finally, the main secret of knowing the answer to the question ‘What do I want?’ is the remembering the same question and asking yourself again and again. It will give you kick to do the action of attaining your goal of any that you set yourself.

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