Do you want to become a life coach?

Do you want to become life skills coach to change others through pattern for their well being? Then why are you waiting for, call me and join the life skills transformation training program with. I will make you as a life skills trainer.

Raj Punarvasi is an international trainer, coach. He delivers training programs on different software courses and in Life coaching. He has trained and helped people in more than 50 countries. He has authored more than 800 articles and recorded nearly 850 videos. His coaching method is mostly practically oriented. You can learn anything faster with his guidance.

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You can watch more than 600 videos at free of cost on Life skills and other human related problems in my channel Raj Punarvasi.

To make use of all the situations that happen in your life, you need to have some kind of spontaneous shift in your thoughts in right direction to either record a video or to write a book.

You can also join a session on ‘Thought Management System’ to equip the skills that are essential to change your mind spontaneously under any kind of bad or good situations for ultra levels of performance. You can apply a certain process within yourself, just by following the steps as directed by Raj Punarvasi to witness the best results in your actions.

If want to watch more and more videos on Thought Management System or Life skills, subscribe to this channel.

You can share these videos in your circle. The action of your share would become a great contribution to the society from your end.

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You can also become a Life coach

To become a Life coach, you need to go through certain procedure. You can call me or send an email to discuss more before talking about coaching to become a Life coach.

The Life coach will change your thought such a way that, enables you to improve the consciousness about anything around you. When consciousness improves, naturally, you can evolve into the greatest mode of functioning without losing the piece of mind. Due to evolved conscious state, joyfulness & ultra performance can be sustained through out the day. Ultra performance enables you to earn huge income, either in your current business/job, or in the life coaching industry. You can choose the opportunity to become a life coach and also to witness the ultra performance in your current business/job.

The major benefits in Life coaching industry

  • 100% freedom and complete work satisfaction, decision making on your own. No boss torture or subordinate dependency
  • Helping the people who are suffering with human mundane problems without compromising/sacrificing your earnings
  • No targets by somebody else, no fixed timings, 100% control in your hand
  • Lot of free time for travelling to various places, working while travelling to different locations, cities, countries…etc
  • Huge earnings will only be possible in the life coaching field through changing minds for better living
  • Huge opportunity to create your own digital products like videos, books, audio tapes…etc to sell online to enjoy royalty income forever
  • If you can speak in any language(Mother tongue), If you know how to breath, eat, sleep, stand, sit, love…etc you are eligible to become a Life coach
  • You can enjoy your life with lot of income by inculcating the habit of giving and loving people, encouraging people to do something good for themselves upfront and then to their family and also to the society.
  • If you want to earn huge money without compromising the quality of life, becoming a life coach is the best option today which has been proved by many mentors in this world

Why to become a Life coach

A life coach is the best designation and very interesting career opportunity for any human being who is interested in teaching. Because today there are many people around us, are suffering with various problems like constantly thinking about money making, low confidence, fear, depression, stress, anxiety, procrastination, lethargy, greed, compulsive mode of comparison and many more…

Being a Life coach, you can give the right solutions to the people who are suffering with the problems stated above. By becoming a life coach, both aspects of earning and helping are the two most important parallel benefits can be achieved easily. There are plenty of benefits of becoming a Life coach which can not be experienced in any other filed.

Life coach – How much a Life coach can earn?

Earnings are exponential and purely based on your practice. Because human problems are in millions. Of course it all depends on your area, the circle and the way you connect with the people. For example, If you can deliver a coaching session within a school/college/organisation with the strength of 100 attendees, suppose you charge 100USD per person, you can earn 10000USD in a single session or day. In this way, you can change the price according to the environment and based on the number of participants. You can also conduct sessions to a single person who can pay your day fee to provide solutions to the core problems like financial crunches, relationship issues, difference in opinion with business partners… Etc.

To become a successful Life coach – Whom to target?

Life coach can target any kind of people who are suffering with above mentioned problems. Market is huge with millions of human current problems. Once you get in, your income would grow exponentially.

It is very easy to tap the life coaching market as soon as you are ready with the thought management techniques. You should practice the techniques rigorously to deliver the training program. If you don’t address the core problems now, mundane way of living leads to a disastrous state.Take the coaching form the best who has profound knowledge & experience in major industries like Information Technology & Life coaching.

Why should you learn from Mr. Raj Punarvasi

Mr. Raj Punarvasi has vast knowledge & experience in Software, Networking and in Digital Marketing. His experience will guide you to market yourself to become successful as a Life coach. His clear cut step-by-step procedures help you to become a Life coach within very short span of time, 5 days. You can take his support up to 1 year for any questions.Take the action today to join in the coaching called ‘Thought Management System’

Become a Life coach – 5 Days (3 Hours each day)

Life skill techniques are extremely powerful & meaningful to run your current business/job peacefully along with profound enjoyment. The techniques that you learn in this coaching acts as a lubricant within yourself and enable you to accelerate seamlessly. Your day-to-day activities can become more easy and without reducing outcome of your efforts.

How a computer’s functionality degrades with a virus inside, life without life skills also degrades your capability. So it is better to know and apply the techniques now to perform without degrading your performance & to enhance the capability. I have been interacting with many people since 2004 online/offline throughout the world and found many of them are functioning with lot of stress, anxiety, depression…etc. Stress is not good for your heart. The heart needs a free flow of love in all the directions. It is your primary responsibility to take care of your own health and wealth. To have this kind of mindset, you should learn the life skills to infuse within and to accelerate your growth.

To become a Life coach, you should learn the following unique and powerful techniques

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