Very useful t-codes for SAP basis administrators to learn

Many people doesn’t know about very useful transactions codes of SAP Basis administration. To help them, I have collected very useful t-codes for sap basis administrators to familiar with and posted in this article. You can become familiar with all of the following t-codes in my SAP Basis/ Netweaver special 1-2-1 training or by becoming my private list of subscribers to my videos on SAP Basis / Netweaver administration. You can watch some of the demo videos on my youtube channel SAPBAIS.TV

Function T-code
Display System Paths AL11
Logical Systems BD54
Display Instances and Operation Modes RZ03
Maintain Instances and Operation Modes RZ04
Maintain Profiles RZ10
Display Profile Parameters RZ11
Display Tables SE16
Execute Function Modules SA37/SE37
Run Programs and Reports SA38/SE38
SAP Business Workplace SBWP
Client Copy Using Transport Requests SCC1
Client Copy Log SCC3
Client Administration SCC4
Delete Client SCC5
Post-Processing for Client Import SCC7
Export Client SCC8
Remote Client Copy SCC9
Local Client Copy SCCL
SAPconnect Administration SCON/SCOT
HTTP Services SICF
System Messages SM02
List of Active Users SM04
Lock Entries SM12
Update Requests SM13
Update System Administration SM14
System Log SM21
Process Overview SM50
Server List SM51
RFC Connections SM59
Operation Mode Sets SM63
Gateway Monitor SMGW
Internet Communication Manager Monitor SMICM
Logon Groups SMLG
Message Server Monitor SMMS
Trusted Systems SMT1
Trusting Systems SMT2
Configure Online Help SR13
System Administrations Assistant SSAA
ABAP Dump Analysis (Runtime Error) ST22
CCMS Alert Monitor RZ20
Configuration of CCMS Alert Monitor RZ21
Central Performance History RZ23N
Maintain User for Connection to SAP Support Portal AISUSER
Customizing Comparison SCOUT
Service Data Control Center SDCCN
System Landscape Maintenance SMSY
Project Management SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN
Project Management SOLAR01
Project Management SOLAR02
Configuration and Operation of Solutions SOLUTION_MANAGER
Test Management STWB_1
Test Management STWB_2
Test Management STWB_TC
DBA Backup Logs DB12
DBA Planning Calendar DB13
Display SQL Locks DB01
Database Analysis DB02
Maintain Database Parameters DB03
Table Analysis DB05
Maintain Connection Between SAP System and Database DB11
ABAP Tools for Database Objects SE14
Database Performance Monitor ST04
Statistics for Table Calls ST10
Network Check (Ping) OS01
Display Operating System Configuration OS02
Maintain Operating System Parameters OS03
Display Operating System Parameters (Local) OS04
Display Operating System Parameters (Remote) OS05
Operating System Monitor (Local) OS06
Operating System Monitor (Remote) OS07
Set Changeability of Clients SCC4
Set System Changeability SE03
Lock Transactions SM01
Delete Security Audit Log Files SM18
Configure Security Audit Log SM19
Analyze Security Audit Log (Global) SM20
Performance Tuning Analysis ST02
Workload Monitor ST03N
Performance Analysis (Traces) ST05
Operating System Performance Monitor ST06N
Application Monitor ST07
Transaction Analysis STAD
Operating System Monitor OS06
Overview of Active Users (Multiple Instances) AL08
Status Monitor for IDocs (CUA) BD87
Maintain Titles SA03
Create Distribution Model (CUA) SCUA
Synchronization of Users and Company Addresses (CUA) SCUG
Field Selection for User Distribution (CUA) SCUM
Overview of Active Users, Exit User Modes SM04
Maintain User SU01
User Mass Maintenance SU10
Maintain Company Address SUCOMP
Maintain User Groups SUGR
User Information System SUIM
System Measurement (License Data) USMM
Partner Agreements (WE20) WE20
Profile Generator for Maintaining Authorization Roles PFCG
User Comparison for Roles and Profiles PFUD
Compare Role Menus ROLE_CMP
Create and Maintain Area Menus SE43N
Assign Authorization Groups to Tables SE54
Check Indicators for Transaction Calls (see SAP Note 358122) SE97
Maintain Authorization Profiles SU02
Authorization Classes and Objects SU03
Authorization Fields (see Table AUTHX) SU20
Authorization Objects SU21
Maintain Check Indicators for Transactions SU22/SU24
Initially Fill Customer Tables for Check Indicators SU25
Display Data of Last Authorization Check SU53
User Buffer SU56
Mass Generation of Authorization Profiles for Roles SUPC
Set Initial Menu Across the System SSM2
System Trace ST01
Job Scheduling Monitor RZ01
Run Batch Input Sessions SM35
Batch Input Log SM35P
Define Batch Jobs SM36
Batch Job Wizard SM36WIZ
Batch Job Monitor SM37
Background Processing Control SM61
Event Management for Background Processing SM62
Analysis Tool for Background Processing SM65
External Operating System Commands SM69
Output Control (Spool and Output Requests) SP01
Output Request Display SP02
Spool Administration SPAD
Display TemSe Objects SP11
TemSe Administration SP12
Transport Organizer (Extended View) SE01
Transport Organizer Tools SE03
Installation Wizard for Transport Organizer SE06
Import Monitor (Transport System Status Display) SE07
Transport Organizer SE09/SE10
Table Maintenance SM30/SM31
Note Assistant (Import SAP Notes) SNOTE
Transport Management System STMS
Add-On Installation Tool SAINT
SAP Load Generator SGEN
Support Package Manager SPAM
Modification Reconciliation for Data Dictionary Objects SPDD
Modification Reconciliation for Repository Objects SPAU

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