Using spiritual 7 major chakras in the life skills coaching

There are 7 major chakras that plays crucial role to energize human body. You will experience all of these 7 chakras when you attend my training session in the form of a technique called channeling your energy. You will understand the purpose of each chakra and you will be in more connected and involved in your day to day activities. When you function with more involvement, outcome will be at its best.

“You will be more closure to the god when you drive in a highway at 100kms per hour rather than closing your eyes and sitting in mediation for hours together” The moral of this line is you have to be in more involved in the action that you perform to experience your creator.

Your body consists of 114 major chakras which are making joints between 72000 nadis. Out of these 114 chakras, 7 are most important to know and understand the advantages of being in awareness of these chakras.

  1. Mooladhara chakram
  2. Svadisthana chakram
  3. Manpura chakram
  4. Anahata chakram
  5. Visuddhi chakram
  6. Ajna chakram
  7. Sahasrara chakram

I will teach you how to energize all the above chakras for your own growth either for your career enhancement and pleasant personal life without further obstacles. You will go through an experiential session to understand your inner capability. You can practice as mush as possible for your goal accomplishment.

You can leave your message here along with your problem description. I will answer your question through private mail. You can ask me as many as question you want before joining the session. I will not send any marketing mailers until you subscribe to my mailing list. Also, I will not reveal your information to any one. It will be kept under highly confidential with me as your coach. After you join and learn the process, you can call any number of times to gain more clarity either in the process or in the day to day activities that you perform. Actually, it is not required to get back to me after the session, because, you will become completely independent in taking decisions without further counselling or training.

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