Every student of inter and above hopes that they get job after the completion of their course based on what they learned as a student. They also imagine good amounts of income. Depending on the fees they paid for learning. But in reality the moment they finish their course, every job seeking student will get dialoma where to approach what to chose. Though they are selected according to their presentation in the interview are in diloma in joining immediately. This is because, unawareness of offices permanency in getting regular salaries and up gradation. Any student who is not very thorough in his subject or course will not mind to think office permanency. He cares about immediate working source. While leaning, if anyone is very keen in imbibing the subject only will have a chance to demand and decide 

Very often every student feels after attending the interview very satisfied. A student who is not been selected due to language problem tries to find some one to blame for his failure in the interview. But in reality, if he recollects the time spent on learning and observing while he was a student, he accepts especially for the language it is very less. A student has to realize here instead of going for spoken English at this stage if he observes every where on language and recollects his basic knowledge, he doesn’t need to blame his parents for not providing English medium background education. Frankly speaking the moment you step into college’s life, you should realize that language has its main impact on your career.

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  1. Raj

    Hi Sudheer

    How are you? I am Raj writing articles on SAP basis. Your opinion about unemployment is good.

    Yesterday while I was browsing internet, I have read one article about “10 Reasons you should never get a job” written by Mr Steve Pavlina. It is very good article, please spend time read it and try to understand. You will search for the opportunity. Opportunity will come automatically if you decide to work independently.

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