Top 5 Anger management strategies

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Anger management is the art of living without getting anger at any given situation in your life. If you observe yourself form the time you wake up form your bed in the morning to the time that you sleep in the night, you may be experiencing many situation that cause you to get anger on others. If you want to control yourself and get rid of anger moments further more in your entire life, read the following anger management strategies and apply without fail. You must remember the strategy to apply immediately when you are in the the situation. Anger starts when you get in to the argument with any one. It may be with your family members, office colleagues or with strangers. Following anger management strategies can be applied on all the situations.

Anger management strategies that can be applied instantly on the spot…

  1. Drinking water: Drink a glass of water immediately as soon as you feel the sense of getting anger on others. Drinking water reduces your anger levels instantly. You may stop the argument completely after drinking the water or you continue the argument with less intensity that will automatically put an end to the argument. One of the primary essential element which is needed to be alive in this planet earth is water. Water will enhance your life in many ways. You must give the first preference to the water in any situation to get rid of anger mode completely.
  2. Closing eyes: Immediately closing your eyes and think about the pleasant movements in your life will reduce the feeling of sensation of getting anger inside. Ultimate power is there inside every human being. You have to close your eyes on the spot and observe and say yourself what are you feeling inside. You will sense some sort of calmness instantly. Being in that mode, add the ingredients of your pleasant situations that happened in your past. This action will eliminate your anger drastically.
  3. Stepping backward: Walking back slowly from the place where the situation happened will reduce the feeling of getting irritation and then anger can be controlled instantly and easily. This is a powerful technique to reduce the anger level on the spot. What you are doing here is that you are moving your entire body backwards. When you do this activity, your mind will confuse a while and forget about the situation which causes you to become angrily person . If you practice this technique when the situation arises, you will become anger free human being.
  4. Internal celebration: Every human being will have some great qualities or skills. You have to immediately think about the skills or qualities that you have on the spot and try to celebrate the occasion of having the great skills in you. You have to celebrate this occasion instantly within. Internal celebration makes you feel pleasant all the time. This technique can be used whenever and wherever you need and get the success of not getting anger on anybody including on yourself further more.
  5. External resources: You have to think and calculate the assets that you have right at that moment and feel the gratitude of having the wealth that you have on the spot. You have to calculate everything including your share form your grate grand father’s, grand father’s, father’s, wife’s or husband’s assets. Do not leave anything, put everything in your calculation and be selfish for a while. That means, all these are to reduce your anger levels by diverting your mind towards other things that give you pleasant feeling on the spot. You will come out of the situation instantly without fail. Keep practicing this habit as soon as you get in to the loop of arguments.

You may be thinking about applying the techniques may not possible in the situation. Anger is because of  accidental incidents. I agree that, it is very difficult to remember the techniques on the spot. But, I can promise you that by remembering anger management strategies and applying will make you to perfect in your life without anger any more. If you are facing difficulty in applying anger management strategies, approach me through the following comments form. I will create exclusive course and send you the details to your mail id that you provide here.

Have a great health and wealth…

Raj Punarvasi
Software & Life skills coach

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