HISTORY OF HYDERABAD 

In earlier days, there were many dynasties who ruled the city of Hyderabad. The beauty of the city came into existence during the ruling period of Qutub shah. He made a lot of palaces and forts which had given the city a new look. The city is famous for its beautiful monuments. In earlier days Hyderabad is used to call as Golconda and after the Qutub shah dynasty came into existence, he named it as Hyderabad. There is a reason behind keeping this name for the city. Qutub shah fell in love with beautiful Bhagmati who was a courtesan. So he named the city as Bhagyanagar and after her marriage with Qutub shah her name was changed to Haider Mahal. From there onwards the city is used to be called as Hyderabad. It is generally meant the city of Haider.  

People from Asia and Europe use to come Hyderabad for their trading purpose. When the city has got a good fame and name, finally it has reached the ruler Aurangazeb. The ruler got captured the city of Hyderabad and its wealth and Mughal rule came to an end. Asaf Jah became the ruler of Deccan region. After this, the ruler had made agreement with the British and East India company which them to stay very close. They have chosen a place near Hussain Sagar Lake and also involved in building Secunderabad. They named the city after Nizam Sikander Jah. 

After India got its independence in the year 1947, Hyderabad was considered to be a separate state for eight years and on November 1st in the year 1956, some states were restructured. As a result, Hyderabad was added to Andhra Pradesh and became the capital of India.                    .         

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