Successful project for online business worth 40 million Rs.

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Project Name:

Online Article Writing Program

Project Duration:

Never Ending Process

Project Aim:

Creating Innovative Online Knowledge Sharing System by writers and readers

Main Content:

•  Writing material about any topic (TEXT)

•  Audio explanation (Audio)

•  Visual explanation (Video)

•  Screen Shots (Imaging)

•  Interactive training

•  Affiliate Marketing

•  PPC Advertising

•  Video Advertising

•  Reviews on websites, online products, movies…etc

•  Free Classifieds

Project Expenses:

•  Initial establishment cost

•  Advertising cost about project

•  Payment to writers

•  Running expenses

Revenue sources:

•  PPC Shared income

•  Affiliate sales commissions

•  Own products like web designing, development and maintenance

How much we can earn from this project:

Most PPC advertising programs can give minimum returns of 1 USD per 1000 per page impressions. We can earn minimum 40 Rs. Per 1000 page impressions. The page views of a website are called page impressions.

Analysis of estimated earnings:

1,000 (One Thousand) Page impressions – 40 INR (40 rupees)

1, 000,000 (One Million) Page impressions – 40,000 INR (4 Thousand rupees)

1,000,000,000 (One Billion) Page impressions – 40,000,000 (40 Million rupees)

What should we do to achieve above goal of 1 billion page impressions:

We need to have good content in a website get organic visitors. We will get more number of page impressions from more number of visitors, and we get more number of visitors, if we have more number of quality articles. So we or our associates need to write good quality articles. The number of articles required to attract 1 billion page impressions depends on the article quality. The good article will get minimum of 1000 page impressions per year. So we need to have 1 million articles in a website to get 1 billion page impressions and so we get a minimum PPC add revenue share of 40 Million rupees.

1 Article – 1000 Page impressions per year

1 Billion Page impressions – Need 1 Million Articles

How many article writers are required to write 1 Million articles?

Normally a person can write 2 good quality articles per day. So a person can write 600 (2*25*12) articles per year. So we need minimum of 2000 article writers to get 1 million articles.

Article Writers – 2000

How many proof readers required to handle these articles?

1 Person can read 100 words per minute

15 Proof readers are required to read and publish 1 million articles in a year

In house Staff requirements:

Role No. of Posts Salary Sub Total
Proof Readers 15 10000 1800000
Reception 1 5000 60000
Office Boy 1 4000 48000
Cleaner 1 2500 30000
Councellars 10 5000 600000

Advertisement Expenses:

We need to advertise about this article writing program to recruit good writers. To recruit 2000 article writers we have to spend 20, 00,000 rupees.

Fixed expenses:

Rent for 30 seat office premises – (30000/- per month) = 3, 60,000

30 computers = 6, 00,000

Other expenses (UPS, Tables, Chairs) = 2, 00,000

Miscellaneous = 40,000

Total 12, 00,000

Director Salaries:

Considering 2 director and 50,000 salary per month 12, 00,000

Service Tax:

40,000,000 @ 12.36 % 50, 00,000


Shared revenue from PPC programs 40000000
In-house staff salaries 2538000
Project Advertisement Expenses 2000000
Computers and Furniture Expenses 1200000
Director Salaries 1200000
Service tax to the government 5000000
Payment to the writers 20000000
Total expenses 31938000
Net Profit 8062000

Initial Investment:

Initial Expenditure for first 3 months:
In-house staff salaries 634500
Project Advertisement Expenses 2000000
Computers and Furniture Expenses 1200000
Director Salaries 300000
Total expenses 4134500

Note: Extension of the project:

We have to recruit the developers and designers to design websites to earn money from website designing and affiliate marketing. This will become extra income from this project.

Note: All prices are in indian rupees. Please contact me if any body is interested to do this project. You also can start on your own without contacting me. I will be very happy if you get success with my project. I am ready to work in this project if any investors are interested. That is why i am keeping this project online in my blog. we can revise the project once again if you want. All prices are based on assumption of 40 rs. income from per 1000 page impressions.

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