Steps to configure and activate ITS – Internet Transaction Server to access sap system from a browser

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You can access any SAP Netweaver system using web browser instead of using SAP GUI for windows or SAP GUI for JAVA. You can activate ITS to access any SAP system from a web browser. you can log on to the sap SAP R/3 or SAP Netweaver system using a simple web browser such as Internet explorer or Mozilla firefox.


It is very simple configuration and can be done by you with a little knowledge in handling different sap systems. I have installed ecc 6.0 with ABAP stack and configured ITS. It is working perfectly. You can use the following step-by-step procedure to activate ITS within youe your SAP netweaver or ECC system. You can also watch a private video which is placed at end of this article. In the video, I have demonstrated on ‘how to activate ITS’ with which you can also configure or activate ITS very easily. You can subscribe to my list of private videos on SAP Basis training to watch all the videos that are recorded as of now and all the future videos at your own convenient time and place. Please BUY NOW the subscription of my videos at SAP Basis training videos page.

SAP initial screen in a web browser

Step-by-step procedure to activate ITS in an SAP system

  • Hit transaction SMICM – ICM status should be running
  • Goto Services to find HTTP port number – Goto – Services (Shift + F1) The port number in my case is 8000
  • Come back to the SAP easy access menu by using transaction /n
  • Hit transaction code SICF
  • You will get Maintain services screen
  • Click on Execute button
  • Activate /sap/public/bc
  • Activate /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui
  • Go back to SAP easy access menu by hitting transaction code /n
  • Hit SE80 transaction to open Object Navigator
  • Select the Internet Service from drop down
  • Enter SYSTEM and click display button
  • Right click on the SYSTEM and select Publish and then click Complete Service
  • Enter WEBGUI and click display button
  • Right click on the WEBGUI and select Publish and then click Complete Service
  • Use any browser to open url http://<server>:<icmport>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/! and login to the webgui
  • <server> should be replaced by your host (server) name
  • <icmport> should be replaced by HTTP port number which can be find using SMICM transaction
  • You can login to system using user name and password which is created in your sap system

SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is integrated since the release ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0. Please get back to me if you have any confusion or help to activate ITS in your SAP system.

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  1. Deepesh

    All the above mentioned steps for configuring webgui have been completed successfully without any errors. Webgui page displayed but unable to log in through the same. I’m unable to find out what’s the exact of not logging into the system. Suggest me. Reply awaited.


  2. Phanikiran

    Hi Experts

    I Installed ECC 6.0 EHP5 and CRM 7.0 EHP2 on my System

    Now my Question (Request) is how to integrate ECC & CRM

    Can i have a step by step document.

    • Raj


      I am SAP basis trainer. So that, I can help you up to connecting SAP systems using RFC destinations. You can watch the following video for understanding and demonstration of creating RFC destinations between 2 SAP Systems. You can follow the same procedure for connecting any other SAP systems. Ex: You can connect ECC and CRM, ECC and SCM, ECC and SRM, ECC and BW, ECC and PI, ECC and Solution Manager…etc

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  3. Maddy

    Hi experts,
    Hi experts, i am unable to open webui application as it is displaying the error as Internet explorer can not display the webpage. I tried watching the video but it is saying its private video, so i could not watch it. Please give me your valuable inputs. Please check the details in this thread also

    • Raj


      Activate ITS is very easy to configure. Please watch the video. I have made for public watch now. Please watch and solve your problem.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  4. Alaa Elbayoumi

    I’ve done all the steps above but when click in any bottom give me Session not found. any ideas.
    Thank You..

  5. Sarang

    We are trying to activate ITS on ABAP Stack.

    While trying to test service for WEBGUI , we are getting the follwowing message on browser.

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Kindly let us know what steps are to be done.

    Thanks and Regards


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