Step-by-step procedure to do Local client copy in an SAP System

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Step-by-step procedure to do Local client copy in an SAP System provided here under. Please get back to me for any more further clarification on this topic.

  1. Login to the SAP system using previously created client. There is no user to login to this client initially after creating a fresh client. But, we can login to the system using new client with the help of sap* which is virtual. The password of this user is pass
  2. Type the t-code sccl to start local client copy
  3. Select the profiles SAP_ALL (All Client-Specific Data w/o Change Documents)
  4. Select the source client as 000. You can also select any other client which is already available for logging in to the system
  5. Select the source client user masters as 000
  6. Click schedule as Background Job (F8). This job will take more than 1/2 an hour to finish, so that we should run this job in background. The background work process will do this job.
  7. Hit enter in the information box (Profile SAP_CUST recommended for copying from client 000)
  8. Select the background server which is optional and select the check box immediately
  9. Click Schedule Job (F6)
  10. Click continue in the verification screen
  11. Hit enter in the message screen “Background job was successfully scheduled, log is displayed in scc3”

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Disclaimer: Step-by-step procedures provided in this blog are only for your reference to do experiments on your test system to learn SAP basis administration. I am not responsible for any type of disturbances to your live or demo system. Please be careful while doing any experiment.

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  1. vicky

    Hi Raj;

    i do step 1 until 11 and it looks fine, but when i run SCC3, i get the message RESET LOCK; when i take RESET or KEEP LOCK, i get Cancelled in status text ( client copies in client );

    i try to unlock client using se37, function SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT, nothing changes, client copies in clinet till cancelled.

    what i want is, create new super user in new client.(005).

    best regards;



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