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The Sony Ericsson Xperia IA a great Arc is the latest Android handset to be released by Sony Ericsson with great features. In this review we will be taking a closer look at the handset and seeing how it stacks up against in a best way of the other high end smart phones on the market. Many people sought after the latest and great mobile phone like in which it  is some kind of medical pandemic. Will the  based Sony Ericsson be able to feed this hunger with the new Sony Ericsson  handset or will it fail miserably the Sony Ericsson Paria Arc is a smart phone that runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system through a processor, an Arden, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It has a quad band receiver so which can use it with a range of connectivity options such as  graphical methods  as it include in a best and It also includes an FM radio , Bluetooth  with and for fast mobile internet connection. This millimetre-thick smart phone has a great featured capacitive touch screen display that has a resolution of great pixels which features the new Reality display technology taken from Sony televisions. They have also integrated a mega pixel Sony Exmoor R camera that has a mobile with a great sensor and a fast shutter.

As if after going this far in this Sony Ericsson Paria Arc review, many people would have noticed the astonishing slimness of this smart phone with a best quality of source. The thickness of millimetres is extremely accurate, and it has a sophisticated design and portability that rivals all of the other smart phones within its range in it as well. Aside from its unusually slim thickness, the device has a stunning screen that oozes with quality in suppression , crispness, sharpness and brightness, which is further improved by the new Snapdragon processor that could bring the best out of all current mobile games for the children’s and also for the adults for a great entertainment . The camera is also a highlight in this product, which is capable of capture great quality videos even when working in low light conditions. The operation and navigation through the phone is surprisingly fast even without the presence of a dual-core processor in it as well.

Even with the apparent high-end features that the Sony Ericsson Paria Arc possesses, it does have certain flaws like the relatively uncomfortable screen with a great structure, which may feel awkward or insensitive for most people especially during text messaging. Another poor feature of this device is its battery life, with only almost a day of normal usage and an equivalent overnight charge however this issue affects most smart phones in which may access in a great way of the best technology.

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