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I regularly configure Microsoft outlook to some of my customers who uses offline email client to read and write email when I was doing computer servicing. Sometimes we may need to backup outlook data while repairing computer if it fails and to restore after completion of repairing. We can do this very easily if we know where the outlook stores its data, I mean data folder.

Yesterday one neighbour called me to do the same job in his laptop. He is in very urgency. He just asked me to create a separate personal folder because his mailbox became full. He told that because of no space in mailbox he is not able to send and receive emails. He gave me time of 5 minutes to solve problem.  I couldn’t do it immediately, because I forgotten how to do it. He went off to office because he is urgency. I would have solved the problem if I noted steps to do backing up and restoring data backup of outlook in a blog. So that I decided to write in my blog immediately whatever the problem I solve which is useful to me as well as to others.

So that I suggest you to write or record whatever useful thing you do and post it to my blog temporarily until you start your own blog. It will be helpful to you and to the public as well. I will explain you clearly about how to configure outlook, outlook express in your computer and also I will explain how to backup and restore mail data including address book.

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