A simple strategy to reduce your belly fat that works 100%

If you are interested to reduce your belly fat, you can easily achieve by following a simple strategy. Before revealing the strategy, let me know your interest about reducing your belly fat. I mean, your interest towards reducing belly fat must be 100% genuine. If you don’t have 100% interest to reduce your belly fat, it may not be so easy. So finally what you have to do is, increase your interest levels to 100% as a first step.

Once you determine that you have 100% interest to reduce your belly fat, you can follow the simple strategy mentioned below…

Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror without dress and see yourself and particularly fat at your belly. Keep watching the fat as much as you can, the more time you watch, more effective. Watch it carefully until you get irritation about your belly fat. You should not like yourself in any angle. You must think about the reason for fat deposit in your belly area. Of course it is because of your food intake. So, you must have control over fatty food intake. Try to analyse whether it is possible to reduce the fatty food or not. If you get little feeling that you can reduce the fatty food, immediately apply for that day’s lunch or dinner. If you get success in not taking fatty food for lunch or dinner, it is stepping stone for reducing your belly fat. As of now, I have not asked you to do any extra activity, I am just asking you to avoid an activity of taking fatty food.

Step 2: After you get success in implementing of avoiding fatty food, you can again start looking at yourself in the mirror and observe yourself until you get demotivated about your belly fat. What is the next step to remove something which is not necessary? Cleaning it up right? How do you clean it? Just by doing simple abdominal exercises. Here your mind many not accept easily to do exercise, but if you can instruct your mind at that moment such way that to watch your belly fat, it may again rethink about acceptance. Your mind acceptance is the secondary step to reach the goal of reducing your belly fat. Once your mind is in your control, job of reducing belly fat is very easy.

Step 3: Don’t forget to repeat step 1 & 2. Keep watching more and more of yourself in the mirror gives you irritation, depression and also the determination of following above strategies. Once you determine, it is very easy to see the result of reducing belly fat.

It works 100% try and try until you get success. Remember one more thing is that you must become a boss of your mind to achieve any goal. Mind does not have a physical structure but your body has. It must be healthy to function your mind at its best. Once your mind is functioning best, everything will become easy…

If you like this strategy, follow and share within your circle. They may get the benefit of reducing unnecessary belly fat. Leave your comments for any doubts or suggestions.

Raj Punarvasi – Software & Life coach

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