Simple list of Jyothirlingalu and Sakthi peetalu

I have collected the names and places of 12 jyothirlingalu and 18 sakthi peetalu existing in India and Srilanka. We can see the list of all the places here under.

Jyothirlingamulu (12)

  • Somnath / Gujarat / Prabhas Patan, Saurashtra
  • Mallikarjuna / Andhra Pradesh / Srisailam
  • Mahakaleshwar / Madhya Pradesh / Mahakal, Ujjain
  • Omkareshwar / Madhya Pradesh / Narmada River, Omkareshwar
  • Kedarnath / Uttarakhand / Kedarnath
  • Bhimashankar / Maharashtra / Bhimashankar
  • Kashi Vishwanath / Uttar Pradesh / Varanasi
  • Trimbakeshwar / Maharashtra / Trimbakeshwar
  • Vaijyanath / Jharkhand / Vaidyanath
  • Nageshvara / Gujarat / Jageshwar
  • Rameshwar / Tamil Nadu / Rameswaram
  • Grishneshwar / Maharashtra / Near Ellora, Aurangabad district

Shakthi Peetamulu (18)

  • Bhramaramba /Srisailam (Andhra pradesh)
  • Jogulamba /Alampur (Andhra pradesh)
  • Manikyamba (Andhra pradesh)
  • Puruhutika /Pithapuram (Andhra pradesh)
  • Kama rupini /Gauhati (Assam)
  • Mangala gauri /Gaya (Bihar)
  • Vaishnavi /Jwalamukhi (Himachal pradesh)
  • Saraswati /Sarika /Srinagar (Jammu&Kashmir)
  • Chamundeswari /Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Mahakali /Ujjain (Madhya pradesh)
  • Ekaveera /Mahur (Maharashtra)
  • Maha lakshmi /Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
  • Girija /Biraja (Orissa)
  • Sankari (Sri lanka)
  • Kamakshi /Kanchi(Tamil nadu)
  • Shrinkhala(West bengal)
  • Madhaveswari /Lalitha /Prayaga /Allahabad (Uttar pradesh)
  • Visalakshi /Kasi /Varanasi (Uttar pradesh)

Please write the train, bus and directions from your location here under as a comment to this post. So that, it will be useful for the people who wants to visit these kshetras.

Have a fantastic darshan of Hara Hara Mahadev

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  1. Sir
    Good information. Pl tell me how to reach there by train Route.
    My cell. 09030274998, pls provide information Thankx.

    1. Hi Nagaraju

      I did only 5 Jyothirlinga darshan as of now. Which place you want to visit next, Please tell me. I will tell you exact guidance.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  2. Somanth nundi dwaraka 450km apprasli dwarka nundi bed dwaraka 25km e temple samudramlo untondi shiplo vellali bed dwarka nundi nageshwar joytrilingam 16km untndi

  3. Great initiative but there is a mistake in shakti peetas those mistakes are “Jogulamba is in Kurnool not in amlapur” and “ChamundeshWari in mysore is not shakti peetam rather its Durga Parmeshwari, Kattil in KARNATAKA” PLS do consider …

  4. Dear Gopi Krishna garu,
    You have done a very great job by posting a very valuable information about ‘Jyotirlingalu’ and ‘Sakti;piithalu’!! In this connection, I suggest you to please put the same in a ‘DOWNLOADABLE PDF’ form, so that the same could be downloaded by the members to ‘Save’ or ‘Print’ the same for their regular reference!!! Hope, you would put your mind to do the needful at the earliest.
    Sd/-xx, 07/10/2012
    (DR Y N RAO)

  5. sir,
    thank you for information could you provide jyothirlingamulu & shakthi peetamulu photos it will be nice once again i thank you you & your team.

  6. sir
    thank you providing a good information
    if possible please give route maps for the above

  7. many many thanks for ur kind information jyothirlingalu & shakthipeetalu realy we dont about some shakthipeetalu & jyothirlingalu this is our glad, I explane some others about our so & so thanks punarvasi technologies

  8. sairam, It very thankful information about jyotirlingalu&shaktipeet. If posible the trains
    informations and other tourism information that sourroudings may please be added.

  9. thanks for the informations about jyotirlingalu&shaktipeet letus know the trains
    informations to visit the places of otherstates as we are in andhrapradesh

  10. Many Many thank you for ur kind information
    and small suggstion please mention
    distances from dwaraka to somnath to nageshwar to rajkot city.
    I Am Visit From Hyderabad,AP

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