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After long research on internet to earn money online since 3 years, I found the best way to earn money is reading, getting knowledge and writing an article form what we learned on that particular day. Write as many articles as you can to earn consistent income over a period of time. I understand the earning money is not as easy as many say in this world. The money will come only with knowledge and effort. More knowledge will give you more money. So getting and sharing knowledge is our money earning trick. Please don’t depend upon anybody to earn money. You can earn and become rich without anybody’s support if you will. Don’t even pay me to start earning money if you have patience of 2 to 3 years to become online marketer like me.

You need only your personal website to start this online business. This is only the investment to earn big in this business. You will be the boss and employee in this business. You will get ready made search engine friendly website within a maximum of 24 hours time. You can start working towards to get success in your online business.  Just follow my steps as it is in this business to get success in maximum of 3 months.

I will give you one domain name of your choice and unlimited web space by configuring all the useful modules and plug-ins. This process will take 24 hours time to me after successful payment. I will give you 2 hours online training about writing an article and configuring options of your website in this package. You can also will get free email addresses at your domain in this package.

I will share all the ideas about writing about articles and doing business using them through online chat. So you can always communicate with me over text, voice or video chat regarding this business.

To get guaranteed success in this business, select your interested field or topic and write about it daily without fail. Don’t put our interested field or subject aside just to earn donkey money. I mean to say doing job in uninterested field for money is called donkey money. Today all over world most of the people are doing jobs in their uninterested fields. They will not have time to enjoy with family or themselves. We will have enough time in this business after writing few articles every day to enjoy with family by spending earned money.

Everybody knows that the human body becomes slim by doing daily yoga or good exercise, but we will not do it daily. Somebody do’s physical exercise but they don’t even know how to make themselves worthy to others in gaining income. In the same way so many people are writing good articles, comments, messages, emails, stories etc… online every day at free of cost. That means they will not earn from that. I can guide them in converting the effort they are putting towards other websites to earning money from that by doing online marketing. That means making your website well optimized for the search engines available throughout the internet. So by taking my help you will become rich with your understanding and writing skills.

There are so many content management systems are available over internet for free of cost. Why they are providing such a great CMS at free of cost to everybody? Did you question yourselves? You just think how important is the content over internet. So we also can share the revenue of internet based income by giving good content to others through internet.

Still confused? Write a comment about article writing, I will be very happy to answer all of your queries online within maximum of 24 hours.

Wishing you all

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