Search Engine Optimised blog is just for $999. 500000 Rank in 10 days

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I develop a blog website which will be in Google search results instantly. I install all the plugins required to become search engine optimized site. I will sell this site for $999 only with free live training on blogging. I will show you online how i do this job in 1 hour using team viewer software. That means you see in live what ever i do on my screen for your website. You can also interact with me in doing work. so that within one hour your search engine optimized website blog will be ready. You can start posting your own original articles.

What are all i will offer for $999:

  • Free Domain Name (Your Choice)
  • Free unlimited Web Hosting Space
  • Free MySQL Database
  • I create Ready made configured blog and upload to your web host
  • I configure your MySQL database so that your articles will be posted and viewed by your visitors
  • I create permalinks for your articles
  • I install almost 10 types of plugins which will help your website in search engine optimization
  • I will give admin user name and password to change look and feel of your website on your own
  • I will provide you ftp user name and password to completely download your website to use it with some other host

For further clarification on this offer please mail me at or post here as a comment. I will give you one year support at free of cost after completion of  website configuration for any technical type of problems. I mean if you delete your website accidentally i will recreate it and give it to you in one hour after seeing your mail regarding failure of a website. But you may loose your data. I will try to recover data in case of failure. Please be careful in downloading and uploading site. There is no need to do all these things form your side if you are in lack of knowledge. You just concentrate in writing articles. Thats all for getting consistent income.

What skill you should have:

  • English writing knowledge
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Typing skill to type about observed incidents in your daily life

What knowledge you don’t need:

  • No html
  • No php
  • No Mysql
  • No coding
  • No java script
  • No advanced computer knowledge
  • No hardware
  • No software
  • No….. other knowledge except above mentioned requirements

Minimum System requirements to do this work from home:

  • One computer with minimum configuration of Pentium III or more
  • Internet connection with minimum connection speed of 64 kbps or more

This work can be done even from internet cafe, cybercafe, office, home, hotel, on road if you have laptop with internet connection…etc

You can ask me any questions about the service that I am offering. I will clarify as fast as possible.

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  1. SAP SD Online Training

    Thank you sir,I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. nice explanation.We are providing sap sd online training . It is more effective and interest for new learners. I thought I would leave my first comment. I feel great after reading this information.

  2. sai krishna

    hi sir, this is sai krishna, from hyd. sir i have seen this article. article is good. i did not understand one sentence about you said that you will create one blog it means, blogspot? or paid website. for this what amount u will charge for this site. and second is you will sell the site for 99 dollars. what is the use of this selling site. what is use of selling of sites. what will happen if u sell. pls explain me about this. for this work how much amount i should pay for this work.

    i hope that you would reply soon. byeeeeeeeeeee

    • Raj

      Hi Sai Krishna

      I hope you remember that you have posted a commnet in my blog long back, Unfortunately, I did not seen your comment. Today, while browsing my own article, I thoguht of replying you.

      What are you doing now? Are you interested in blogging?

      Raj Punarvasi – Software & Life coach


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