Screen shots to configure clients to use a DNS server

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We have to configure client computers in a domain or workgroup environment to use DNS server. Then client can request and get the information about host names. The DNS server will responds to it’s clients with the information of Host name to IP address mappings. The DNS sever can serve this information to it’s clients with the help of information which is stored in zone file or information which is stored in active directory database if it is active directory integrated zone. Client computer can not communicate with the DNS server without configuring it to use DNS servers that are available in the network.

You can configure your client computers to use DNS server on your network with the help of the following steps or screen shots

  • Click start – Control panel – Network connections – Right click on Local Area Connection – Click properties
  • Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties in the Local Area Connections properties window
  • Use the following DNS server addresses in the TCP / IP connection properties window
  • Enter the IP addresses of the DNS servers you want this client to use for name resolution and click Advanced
  • Click DNS tab in the Advanced TCP / IP settings and enter the DNS suffix for this connection. You have to type the FQDN of the domain name in which your computer belongs to. and click ok in the Advanced TCP /IP settings window – click ok  in  TCP / IP properties window and click close in the Local area connection properties window.

The above steps are illustrated in the following screen shots. These screen shots are useful to my readers for better understanding of the concept of configuring client computers to use DNS servers. You can also ask me for any doubts in the above lesson. You can also ask me for an interactive online class. I will take class one to one. Please send me a message if you need interactive class. I will get back to you with the class schedule time.

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