SAP solution manager 4.0 SR3 installation steps on windows server 2003

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SAP Solution Manager is a SAP software which runs in a separate central system, to which all other SAP systems are connected. Systems that are administered using the SAP Solution Manager are called as Satellite systems. The SAP Solution Manager will be used to do many things such as implementing and upgrading the SAP solutions, Service Desk operations, Monitoring Solution, Change Management, Delivery of SAP Serivces, Root Cause Analysis…etc. SAP has made mandatory of having Solution manager in the SAP System Landscape Directory. So it is very important to learn installation and configuration of SAP Solution manager  by a SAP basis consultant.

SAP solution manager can be installed on any desktop, laptop or server with server operating system just like any sap application server installation (Ex: ECC 6.0, SRM, CRM, SCM…etc). We have to configure network adapter, Virtual memory, Java and RDBMS Installation to be done before starting SAP solution manager installation. We know how to configure and install all these pre installation requirements.

Software requirements to install Solution Manager on a Windows Server 2003 in Intel machine are…

  • Windows server 2003 enterprise edition
  • J2sdk
  • RDBMS – Oracle, MSSQL, MAXDB or DB2
  • Installation Master CD
  • JCE Policy
  • Java Components
  • Export CDs
  • Kernal

If you are ready with above cds, you can start the SAP Solution manager. You should have 2 GB RAM and 80 GB Hard Disk to install SAP solution manager. The steps are as follows…

  • Execute the file sapinst file which is located in your installation master cd in the location just like …51032955_11SAP_Solution_M._4.0_SR3_Inst._MasterIM_WINDOWS_I386
  • You will get “Welcome to SAP Installation Master” screen after double clicking on above file
  • Click on down arrow which will be visible in front of SAP Solution Manager 4.0 Support Release 3
  • Click on down arrow which will be visible in front of SAP Systems
  • Click on down arrow which will be visible in front of MS SQL Server
  • Click on down arrow which will be visible in front of  Central System
  • Click on Central System Installation and click next
  • Select Typical and click next in the Parameter Mode -> Default Settings screen
  • In the “Media browser -> Software Package Request” browse for the Java components and click OK
  • Type the SID of SAP System and click next (Select Unicode System Check Box)
  • Type the master password two times and click next in the “SAP System -> Master Password Screen”
  • Browse for Installation export EXP1 and click OK in the “Media Browser -> Software Package Check” screen
  • Browse for Installation export EXP4 and click ok in the “Media Browser -> Software Package Check” screen
  • Browse for Installation export EXP2 and EXP3 and click OK in the “Media Browser -> Software Package Check” screen
  • Browse for the Kernel NW 70 and click OK
  • Select the Option “Configure a Local SLD” and click Next
  •  Type the host name of the server and click Next
  • Click start in the “Parameter Summary” screen
  • This step will take minimum 2-3 hours depends on the hardware configuration of a computer. In my computer i.e 3GB and Core 2 Duo processor it was completed in 2 hours. The following image represents the successful installation screen of solution manager which was captured from my computer.

We can access the solution manager using SAPGUI as we did in ECC.  We have to configure SAPGUI with SID and System Number of Solution manager to access it. We can use default client 000 and default user ddic or sap* to login to the SAP solution manager. Please ask me any question regarding this installation. I will try to clear all of your questions.



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  1. vinay

    Hi Raj,

    Thanks for giving this steps, could you help me out post installation steps by using solution manager 7.0 ehp1.

    Vinay Rao.

  2. Sashi


    Thanks for your support, however when I try to download the software for Solution Manager from SMP, I cant find the JCE policy, can I use the JCE policy as that of ECC 6.0

    last but not the least, this was a very good article, also would like to know if you can help me with some documents in implementing EP and configuring ESS/ MSS as well.

    Sashi Kiran

    • Raj


      You can use the same JCE policy of ECC to install any netweaver products. JCE policy is a zip file which is provided by sun micro systems and asked sap to include while installation of any NW product and so sap is giving this file along with any package of SAP netweaver software. This file consists of 4 files, they are COPYRIGHT.html, local_policy.jar, README.txt and US_export_policy.jar

      Right now i am not having any documents related to ESS/MSS. I will inform you once i get any. Please provide if you get them by any chance.

      Ask me any other questions.


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