SAP products and its brief description

SAP Developed products for companies of all sizes. So any size company can take advantage by implementing SAP software. Based on the company size following software products are developing by SAP. They are

SAP Business Suite

SAP Business All-in-one

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business One

SAP Business Suite: The SAP business suite is an extended family of business applications that enables companies to manage their entire value chains. The core applications of business suite are..

SAP ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management

SAP PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management

SAP SRM – Supplier Relationship Management

SAP Business All-in-One: SAP All-in-One is the brand name for vertical applications that are based on the technology of SAP Netweaver and were developed in conjunction with SAP’s partners. Vertical applications are may be industry or country specific

SAP Business ByDesign: SAP Business ByDesign is largest solution of SAP for small and mid size companies with between 100 to 500 employees. This solution combines the advantage of an integrated end-to-end application with the low risk potential and low total operating costs of an on demand solution.

SAP Business One: SAP Business One is a comprehensive integrated ERP application with an interface similar to windows. This has been developed specifically for small and midsize companies.

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