SAP Netweaver’s key capabilities – What it can do?

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SAP Netweaver is a technical platform and it is reliable and secure. You can scale the server capability without disturbing existing applications. SAP Netweaver is a platform for running business applications. Ex: SAP Business suite, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.

SAP Netweaver’s key capabilities:

  1. Lowest cost of operation is possible with the help of SAP Netweaver
  2. It helps organisations to perform mission-critical business processes
  3. It is a foundation for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  4. It is a modular software which provides middle-ware functions
  5. It helps to reduce IT complexity
  6. With the help of SAP Netweaver, business flexibility increases
  7. It works across heterogeneous IT landscapes
  8. Best business availability can be achieved with the help of this technical platform
  9. Unified life-cycle management
  10. Identity management
  11. Secure communications
  12. End-to-end monitoring
  13. Integration of business processes
  14. Extend the business processes
  15. Rapid deployment
  16. Pre-built integration content
  17. Model driven tools
  18. Business process management
  19. Monitoring efficiency, integrity and security of mission critical business processes
  20. Ability to define own business rules
  21. Integrates people, information and processes
  22. Adjust to change quickly
  23. It ensures that the business processes of a company are Reliable, safe and scalable
  24. it enables companies to maximize the benefit from their current investment on software and hardware
  25. It helps to consolidate non uniform technologies
  26. Reduces manual effort
  27. It is based on a technology which uses industry standards
  28. It can be enhanced using popular development tools
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