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SAP installation knowledge is required for any body who wants to practice on sap functional modules like SD, MM, PP, HR, FICO and technical modules like ABAP and BASIS in the sap system. I have created sap installation screen shots when I was installing sap ecc 6.0 on my computer. These sap installation screen shots will make you more knowledgeable to install sap ecc 6.0 on your computer. I have explained each step in detail under below. Go through them and try to install sap on your own. If you need installation screen shots document, contact me by submitting the form.

Installing VMware

VMware is Virtualization software with which we can install multiple operating systems in single physical computer. I am using VMware because VMware is the market leader in virtualization. You can use any virtualization software to install windows server operating system. On the server operating system, you can install sap. You can use this server os to install any version of the sap software. SAP R3 versions include 4.6b, 4.6c, 4.7, ecc 5.0, ecc 6.0..etc

Installing Server Operating system

Windows server 2003 or server 2008 can be used to install sap. I can suggest you to install windows server 2003 for 32bit processors and 2008 for 64bit processors. On these operating systems, you can select ecc 6.0 sr2 for 32bit processors and ecc 6.0 ehp4 for 64bit processors. Select the proper host for your server and generate solution manager key in the solution manager system before proceeding with the installation of sap. You have to plan for SAP SID to generate solution manager key.

Partitioning HDD to install SAP ecc 6.0

Normally most of the branded laptops comes with single partition along with windows 7. With single partition, managing files and folders are little bit difficult. We can not install sap system directly on windows 7. We have to install VMware software and create virtual machine on windows 7.  Then, while installation of VMware, you have to select 50% of the hard drive for virtual machine and again 15% of HDD for C: drive in the virtual machine, 65% for D: drive and 20% for E: Drive. For example, if you have 1TB HDD in your laptop or desktop, you can allocate 500GB for virtual machine. In the allocated 500GB for virtual machine you can choose 75GB for C: Drive, 325GB for D: drive and 100GB for E: drive. Make sure that which version of ecc 6.0 you are using. according to it you have to select the partitions. You have to select 15% for C: drive while installing windows server operating system. You can make remaining partitions after completion of the operating system. You have to make D: and E: drives after completion of os installation. You have to use E: drive for sap software dump. D: drive should be used for installing actual sap software.

Configuring paging file to install sap ecc 6.0:

paging is one of the memory-management schemes by which a computer can store and retrieve data from secondary storage for use in main memory. the paging file is used by Windows to hold temporary data which is swapped in and out of physical memory in order to provide a larger virtual memory set. We have to configure this paging file using performance options from system properties. Total paging file size for all drives should be 3 time of your physical RAM. Then only the installation of sap will be continued without any problem.

Installing and configuring network adapter:

SAP system works on server operating system and it should be connected always to the network. Then only the users from client computers can access sap system using their graphical user interface(GUI). But for individual who wants to practice on single computer may not be on continuous network. So you have to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter to install sap on a standby computer. You have to assign any IP address after installation of network adapter. You can install Loopback adapter using Add Hardware icon which can find from control panel. You have to do ping test after assigning IP address. You should get the reply message 4 times without any packet loss.

Installation of j2sdk:

All of the sap installation screens will open only when j2sdk software installed and configured properly on your computer. So you have to install proper version of j2sdk in your computer. After installation of j2sdk, you have to set the user variables and system variables within environment variables option in system properties advanced tab. System properties can be opened by right clicking on My computer – Properties. After configuring user and system variables, you have to check whether java is working or not from the command prompt. Ex: type java and javac commands at command prompt. These commands should give the result of help without any error. After completion of this check, if it is passes, You can proceed further to install sap.

Installation of database (RDBMS) software:

The whole sap installation will goes into RDBMS. You can choose any of the RDBMS software from Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 or MAXDB and any other supported database software for sap installation. I have chosen oracle database software for all of my sap installations. This software will be delivered with the actual sap software. You can check for the RDBMS DVDs in your starter kit of sap software. Install this software using the batch file which is provided by sap within the RDBMS DVD. The batch file will install only the structure of the database instead of installing whole default database. Select the proper SID for your database. You have to remember this SID. The installation master will ask you to enter it later during the installation of sap.

Installation of central services instance of sap ecc 6.0:

This phase of the installation is major portion of sap installation. This step takes more than 10 hours. This phase can be started with the help of Installation Master DVD. sapinst.exe is the executable file which will be used to start actual sap installation. In the Welcome to Installation Master screen, You have to choose proper sap system under correct database software. Software dump should be ready in your E: drive. Installation Master will ask you to show correct path to of the export DVDs, Oracle client and kernel cds. Installation Master will also ask you to enter SAPSID and Master password. You have to select the proper SAPSID for which you have the Solution manager key ready. You have to select the password and remember. This is the password will be used to login to the sap system through GUI after completion of sap installation. After clicking next in the Parameter Summary screen, The Installation Master will ask you to enter the solution manager key. You have to enter correct key to proceed further. Otherwise entire pre-installation steps are useless. If everything goes well you should get the message “The task has been completed successfully”. To get this message you have to wait approximately 10-20 hours. This time may vary computer to computer depending on their resources like RAM and processor allocated for this sap installation.

Presentation server or GUI installation

SAP GUI should be installed after above message to access installed sap system. This software can be installed either in the server or in the client computer to access installed sap system. You have to set the proper parameters of the sap system in sap logon pad before accessing. Then you can use the entry in the sap-logon pad to enter into the sap system. Always remember to start the sap system using sap management console every time you switch on the computer. You can check the following procedure to start and stop the sap system.

Starting and stopping SAP server

After completion of the sap central services instance installation, the SAP Management console icon will be created on the desktop. You have to open that icon, right click on SAPSID and click start. After 3-5 minutes the color of the SAPSID will become green. You can click on WP ABAP Table in the left pane and look for the status column should be wait and Start column should be Yes in the right pane. Now your sap system is started and ready for access.

I have created this post just for your reference. Please do not ask me to sell or download this virtual machine or installation files. You can learn more about SAP systems by watching my videos. I have created more than 100 practical oriented videos on SAP systems. You can buy and download my videos using the following buttons.

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  1. kalyan

    Dear Sir I need this installation guide for step by step ….
    bcoz i newly take admission in sap basis module…
    I can’t under stand this process ….
    so plz help me…

    • Raj


      Do you have the software dump to install? If Yes, I will do the remote installation. Please get back to me if you are interested.


  2. ramu

    i need to install sap ides in my laptop to practice basis.please send me the installation steps with screen shots to my mail.

  3. Daya

    Hi, I really appreciate your job for making the imp information of SAP installation guide.
    Could you please send me the screenshots doc if you have it. Thank you


  4. Vishal

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please mail me details on how would you remotely install SAP on my Laptop.

    I have a win7, 32bit with 4gb ram.

    Can we install SAP on external HDD?

    Kindly help and reply.



  5. sumeet

    Hi please can you send me all installation steps . i am installing i am stuck on import ABAP phase 18. do u have any idea on this?
    please rply


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