Sap Installation – ecc 6.0 ides along with screen shots

SAP Installation – ECC 6.0 IDES is very easy to install in a desktop or laptop for practice at home. Following are the minimum hardware requirements to install ides.

Minimum Recommended hardware:

  • dual core processor
  • 2 GB memory (RAM)
  • 250 GB for installation and approximately 40 GB for SAP software dump. i.e if you have 320 GB better
  • Proper power backup

OS and it’s dependencies to be installed in the following order.

  • Operating system – Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • Proper partitioning of a hard disk is very important to do sap installation
  • Check network configuration. Please check your computer is communicating with the other computers in your network. If you are installing in a single computer, you can install Microsoft Loopback adapter and assign an IP address and continue the installation.
  • Performance settings to be done
  • Java installation and setting environment variables and java home
  • Oracle installation and applying proper patches

Please leave a comment for any requirement of installation screen shots or help.

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60 thoughts on “Sap Installation – ecc 6.0 ides along with screen shots”

    1. Hi Shankar

      Please explain your problem in your own words. Do not paste very long log files here.

      I will try to analyze your problem and ask you to send me the log files which are required to further investigation about the problem

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  1. hai

    these is nanchari please help me with the sap ides ECC 6.0 installtion screenshots and also the path for creating dump of the DVD’s on the computer

  2. Hi
    Please ehlp me with the SAP IDES ECC 6.0 installation screenshots and also the path for creating dump of the DVD’s on the computer.

  3. iam having problem while creating domain link,in tms. i have 2 systems named sri and srk i did all the process but rfc is nt working .can i know the step by step procedure for connecting 2 sap systems and i wann to transport requestfron one to another.

  4. want the 500 GB external HDD with SAP ECC 6.0 with screen shot on how to install SAP. What will be the price for this ?
    Can i have the contact details of Mr.Raj ?

  5. Hi Raj,

    I have CORE 2 DUO 2.4GHZ with 2GB RAM
    OS: Windows XP SP3
    I have Microsoft Virtual PC installed in my computer.
    Can i install the “SAP ECC 6.0 SR3 IDES” by:-
    i)- first installing Windows Server 2003 in my “Microsoft Virtual PC” and
    ii)-then on this Windows Server 2003 virutal machine (which will be running in Microsft Virtual PC software, i want to install the “SAP ECC 6.0 IDES”. Can i do this?

    Second question is about ABAP. Whether we can do full practice of ABAP in “SAP ECC 6.0 IDES” because as per my understanding it will ask the “Access Key”. Whether you will provide full “ACCESS KEYS”?


  6. I am setting up a SAP training center in Dhaka Bangladesh.I need to install ECC6.0 IDES.
    Can you help me pls? How much would you charge me?
    How long would it take to get all necessary DVDs?

  7. hai this is harikrishna….
    i want to install sap ecc 6.0 on my laptop(60GB HDD)…
    its configuration is….
    2 GB RAM, Intel Centrino Duo processor, 320GB external hard disk,windows xp.
    Do i require windows server edition for sap installation?? or the windows xp is enough??
    Is my processor sufficient worth for sap ecc 6.0 installation??

    If u can suggest solutions for the above to my gmail, it would be great help for me…..


    1. I think you have very low configuration to install SAP. SAP ECC 6.0 need minimum of 2GB and 320GB internal HDD. You can install on external also, but in your case it will be very difficult. Because of your processor, you can not install SAP software in an external hard drive using vmware software. Thanks Raj

  8. Hello Raj, i want to have an SAP BI practise environment on my labtop, i will like to know if you can do this installation for me. I am presently in Hyderabad and would appresciate it if you can send you contact number to me or where we can meet if you are in hyedrabad by email. (your site says my email will not be published so i guess you have it already). i will be expecting your response.


  9. Hi Raj,

    I need installation DVD for ECC6.0 with steps with screen shot .I wanted to install this in below mentioned configuration:

    OS : SuSe (If possible AIX 6.1)
    DB: DB2
    ERP : SAP ECC 6.0

    I have SuSe and DB2 with me. Please tell me what will be the charges?

    1. Hi

      I do not have the software or installation screen shots for SUSE. I have only for Windows and Oracle or MS SQL server database. Please tell me if you are interested to buy.


  10. Hi Raj,
    I need to install ECC 6.0 basically to practice ess/mss modules. Could you please tell me how can I install? I will ask my brother to get the software from you from hyd.

    Please tell me first whether it is possible to install ECC 6.0 and the portal (to practice Ess/MSS) in my desktop


  11. Dear Sir,
    I am using ECC 6.0 SR2 IDES with 2003 server and oracle. I am unable to create report by SE38. asking for Access key.
    Can you provide me or help me to solve the problem ?

    My email is :

    Waiting for reply.
    vijendra karada

  12. Hey Raj..This is sumit from new delhi. I am currently doing ABAP Module of SAP. I just want you to put some lights on the following points:
    1. What is the actual size of SAP ECC 6.0 ?
    2. I want to install ECC 6.0 by using vmware on my desktop PC ( Intel Core2Duo 64-Bit, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD). I just can’t work on a lame interface like Windows 2003 and witha configuration like that I think it is sufficient and obvious to get the ECC on vmware. So just tell me how I can get my hard disk partitioned so that i can install windows 7 as the host OS and Windows 2003 as my guest OS on it and then use it to install ECC 6.
    3. What is the cost in INR for the installation screenshots only ?

    1. Hi Sumit

      You can install SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 which is specially built for 64bit machines. If you want to practice ABAP, You can install ABAP stack only by selecting Application Server for ABAP in the first screen of the SAP Installation. The size of the software dump approximately is 30GB. You can install this software in a Virtual machine. You have to do 3 partitions in your VMware allocated HDD space. C: 25GB, D: 300GB E: for Software dump. I can send the Installation screen shots word document for 1000 INR. This document contains all the screen shots scratch from configuring page file, java installation and configuration, oracle installation, SAP installation and GUI installation and configuration, Post Installation screen shots also included. You will get one solution manager key in this document. I will give one more solution manager key if you want for your system values.


  13. Dear Raj, I’m a SAP FI end user and I would like to get trained in FI module. Would you please let me know, if you have all the materials ( CD with details screen shot) to learn from home. Do mail me all the details and cost to learn Sap Fi module at
    Regards, Dil

  14. Raj, I am planning to install CRM 7.0 in WINDOWS 2003 server. I need Installation document with detail screen shots. Do you have it? How much it costs?


    1. Hi

      I have installation screen shots for CRM 2007 readily. You can use the same screen shots to install CRM 7.0 also. There is no much difference between 2007 and 7.0 My charges to send the installation screen shots of CRM 2007 are just $15 USD. Please send the payment to my paypal account I will send the document to your mail id as soon as i receive the payment. Please allow me maximum 24 hours time to check my mails to send you the documents.


  15. Dear Sir,
    I am using ECC 6.0 SR3 IDES with 2003 server and oracle. I am unable to create report by SE38. asking for Access key.
    Can you provide me or help me to solve the problem ?

    My email is :
    Waiting for reply.

  16. Hi Raj,

    I am from Hyderabad, currently working in coimbatore. I would like to learn Solution Manager Installation 7.0 on IBM AIX and Oracle 10g. can you help me in this process.

    Vinod Kumar Puram,

    1. Hi

      I will install on your PC remotely if you are ready with hardware and software. I will take only $75 to install on your machine as my installation charges. Please reply me back if you are interested.


    1. Hi

      I am not providing on SAP modules. I can only help you in installing SAP ecc 6.0 which will SD and MM modules where you can practice on your own. Please tell me if you need the istallation online. I will do it for only $100. or i can tell you who can teach these modules online.


  17. Hi Raj,

    I am interested to purchase the DVDs for ECC 6.0 SR3 with installation and support as you have mentioned above. Also, I would like to have the 64 bits for windows 2003 and a version of Oracle 10g. Let me know if this is fine. Thank you.

  18. Can I install sap 6.0 SR3 version on my laptop? I have heard SR3 installs on 64 bit platform only both hardware & software.
    My laptop is a core2duo 3gb ram, 320 gb hdd. Is it possible to install SR3 ides version on this hardware.
    Do you have the installation dvds for this and how much would it cost along with installation support?

    1. You should have 500 GB HDD to install. I can send 500 GB HDD with SAP ECC 6.0 SR3 for $1000 to anywhere in the world through best shipping company.

      If you are in INDIA, you can collect the Hard Disk just for $350

      If you want the Image i can give you for $250


  19. Do you have a version avail for Solaris 10, Red Hat Linux 5.2?
    I have friends in India but you have to tell me which city.


  20. do you except C.O.D. via UPS? To pay the money in advanced for software to an indian seller is a little bit risky.


    1. Hi
      You can trust me, Sending pirated software through official UPS service for COD is risky. So please send me payment through western union money transfer or through PayPal. Where are you from? are you Indian? If you are an Indian and living in India you can collect personally from me by paying cash.


  21. HI
    I want to learn how to install sap netweaver & sap solution manager,where in hyderabad can i get a good person to teach me

  22. Hi Phil

    We should install windows server 2003 first to install sap ecc 6.0 on your desktop or laptop. Windows server 2003 server supports more ram like 8 Gb no problem. Both 32 bit and 64 bit OS will do the work. 1 TB can be devided into 4 equal partitions to get SAP ECC 6.0 installed.


  23. More hardware configuration like quad 2 core processor with 8 GB ram and 1 TB Hard Disk Drive is suppose to speed up installation but I understand the XP(32 bit) can only use 3gb of RAM and Ecc 6.0 SR2 is only a 32bit version. So what is the point of using more more RAM?

    Is Windows 2003 32 or 64 bit?

    Please recommend how the 1Tb of HDD should be best partitioned?

    Can the IDES be installed in an external HDD and accessed via the USB connection to PC?

  24. the whole concept of this site was good but we get real get irritated searching for Mr raj mobile number. i wanted sap dvds but i left this site after searching for his mobile number for quite long time. how many people will be really intrested to login and wait for return replies.

    1. Hi

      If you need to have installation screen shots only i will provide those for $35 only. Please tell me if you are interested. How many DVDs you have and what is the total size of the software. I will tell you whether you have right software or not. Please get back to me here. I will give you the link to pay me $35. I will send you the installation screen shots through mail after receiving payment.


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