SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 Installation Screen Shots with DVDs

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This is the information to all SAP students who are all learning SAP IDES, EE, SD, PP, FICO, ABAP, EP, CRM, SEM, SCM, MDM, BIW, BI, XI…etc. Here you will get screen shots of all installation steps. I have given all requirements to install SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 below.

  • Proper power backup while installation. because you should start from first if there is power failure in between
  • 250 GB Hard Disk Space
  • Recommended minimum RAM is 2GB and 4GB better if you have

I have 10 DVD pack of SAP ECC 6.0 SR2. This pack is perfectly working and will be copied to your hard disk without any problem. So that you will not face any problem while installation. You can install this on your PC or Notebook very easily if you follow my step-by-step installation screen shots of SAP ECC 6.0 SR2. I will help you online while installation if you stuck in between

This software should be used for the learning purpose. You should not use it commercially. To get job in SAP or SAP client companies we should do more practice in related modules. That is why i am providing this service to you. If you are interested write a mail to and get more details about this installation.

Other Installations available are:

  • SAP ECC5.0
  • SAP 4.7E
  • SAP 4.7 ides
  • SAP 4.6C
  • SAP BW3.5
  • SAP EP5.0
  • SAP BI7.0
  • SAP XI7.0
  • SAP solution Manager7.0

Thanks , Happy Learning

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    • Raj

      Hi Kishore. I have installation screen shots for installing ECC 6.0 on Oracle database. 90% steps can be followed as per this document for installing ECC 6.0 on SQL Server. You need to install SQL server database software instead of Oracle database software in your case.

      Please get back to me if you need these screen shots.

      Raj – SAP Basis consultant

  1. sipi


    I need the step by step guide to insatll ecc6.0, sap bi 7.2,sap bobj 3.1, with RFC connection between ECC 6.0—BI and BOBJ 3.1.

    I have a laptop with 4gb ram and 500gb Hard disc.

    Please suggest what to do, what software we need to install etc…
    You gona to provid the CD or link to install with the guide lines or how it will be?

    Also let me know the FEES/Charge for the same.


  2. savitha


    I am a student, I want to install SAP ECC6.0

    How much the software costs.

    How do you deliver them, through email download link or dvds.

    Please mail me.


    • Raj

      Hi Savitha, What is the system configuration you have? To install SAP ECC 6.0 IDES, you need to have minimum 2GB and 320 GB HDD exclusively for SAP. Please get back to me with the details of your system. I will guide you what to do further. Thanks Raj

  3. Satish Ala

    G’day Raj,

    I have been working in Systems Administration for 5 years and now look forward heading into SAP BASIS, just assuming it is a technical area where I can survive as I’m dumb in programming with Basic DataBase knowledge.

    Can you please advise – What qualifications required to join SAP Basis?

    Any help, would ne appreciated 🙂

    Thanks in Advance.

    Kind regards,
    Satish Ala

    • Raj

      Hi Satish

      I am SAP Basis support professional. I support many of the people who lives in different countries. Recently I have started online SAP basis interactive training online. Please get back to me if you are interested to know more details.


  4. venkat Nersu

    Hi RAj,
    Can you plesae send me ecc 6.0 installation screen shots and procedur. My friend was installed sap in my laptop and he doesn’t know the acess that it is not working. Because of this i want to reinstall sap, so plesae send me ecc 6.0 installation screen shots and procedur.

    He has given installation number as initial.

    Thanks& Regards,
    Venkat Nersu.

  5. Lwee

    Hi Raj,
    I’m wanna install sap ecc6.0 for sql 2008 into my notebook running windows 7. Is this possible ?? Could you pls provide the steps ??

    Appreciate your help …… Thanks !!

    rgrds !

    • Raj


      Do you have the ecc 6.0 software for sql 2008? To install ecc 6.0 you need to have server operating system. RDBMS software will come along with ecc software. You need to install the RDBMS which will come along with the actual sap software should be installed.


  6. S B Ray

    Dear Punarvashu,

    It’s great to know that u r there to help us.
    As no help is available from the sap site it is the consultants like u who can help us.

    I am trying to install ECC 6.0 with sql server 2005 enterprise on windows server 2003 32 bit.

    I need the installation guide so as to be able to complete this successfully.


    S B Ray.

  7. J.Premila

    Dear Sir,

    Iam a student of SAP, studying online in a SAP authorised study center. I wish to install SAP -HCM module version 6.0. in my lap top. wish to know the procedure to install and the softward and hardware requirements.



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