sap basis training videos – step-by-step procedures

SAP Basis training videos

SAP Basis training videos are recorded by (Mr. Raj) an international trainer who trained and helped students & clients in more than 50 countries. You must become master in any one subject to make best career in your life. I am creating masters in SAP Basis/Netweaver administration. Do you want to become Master in ‘SAP basis administration’? Then don’t wait, buy my videos from my Web store. There are 109 SAP basis training videos of 22 hours duration ready to download and watch.

Are you network administrator, windows administrator, OS administrator, system administrator, database administrator, db admin, mcse admin, IT admin, IT manager? Then you can become sap basis administrator very easily by watching my videos on SAP Basis/Netweaver administration. If you are fresher wants to build your career in IT field, SAP Basis administration will provide maximum knowledge in all the directions which will enhance your skills in IT field exponentially. While learning SAP Basis administration, you will understand many technologies like Network administration, windows administration, VMware administration, Protocols, Internet technologies etc…

SAP Basis training videos are specially recorded to help you in the direction of transferring my knowledge at best possible way. You can refer these sap basis training videos to make your learning more easier and flexible. With an experience of delivering training to students in more than 50 countries, I have authored most powerful and precise videos on sap basis administration. You can get the benefit of learning sap basis administration at faster rate with the help of my videos.

SAP Basis training videos – Features

  • Extremely great voice clarity
  • Powerful screen recorder is used to make these videos to achieve great screen clarity
  • Straight to the point is discussed in all the videos without beating around the bush
  • 90% practical oriented explanation
  • Recorded by an international expert SAP Basis /Netweaver trainer
  • SAP basis training videos should help you to learn sap basis administration just by watching these videos.
  • SAP Basis training videos are recorded based on the learning abilities of other people (Ex: even freshers also can learn easily)

SAP Basis training videos – Benefits:

  • You can save lot of time with the help of precise sap basis training videos
  • SAP basis training videos are extremely cost effective
  • Ability to understand is become easy, because of simple/easy language is used while recording
  • You can be prepared very well for the interviews
  • Opportunities are open doors, so that, you can be benefited out of these opportunities very fast by watching these sap basis training videos

SAP Basis training videos – Advantages:

  • SAP Basis training videos enables you to avoid reading of very lengthy certification or course books to learn even small topics of sap basis administration
  • SAP Basis training videos helps you to avoid travelling to a physical institute to learn SAP Basis administration
  • Using SAP Basis training videos, you can learn at your own convenient place and time
  • You can watch sap basis training videos using your i-pad or laptop.
  • You can watch sap basis training videos while travelling
  • SAP Basis training videos helps you to set your own course duration at your convenient time
  • No more missing classes due to self absents when you have sap basis training videos with you
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Precise INFORMATION in Videos tick  x
90% practical oriented explanation tick  x
EXTREMELY cost effective tick  x

Price: 499USD 199USD for today.
You can use the following PayPal button with different options to make the payment. You can also ask my Indian Bank account to make the transfer/deposit of equivalent Indian Rupees

SAP Basis training options

You can view this product along with video titles and duration of each video form my web store.
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57 thoughts on “sap basis training videos – step-by-step procedures”

  1. Hello Raj sir, i want to know about the SAP HANA jobs, or even i know the SAP BASIS jobs in india , or you have a SAP HANA course available… , actually sir 3 days back i purchased online video from one of the online training sites …and i really 100 % disappointed after purchased….. that was totally waste of my money …i opened your sites so many times even when your course was available to us with 149 $ where bonus videos was not uploaded ….
    so i requested to you please, if possible to you give at-least 2 videos, which is best portion from your side….for my satisfaction bcoz sir money is so important as your best video is important for me….
    and sir one last question to you …i also purchased SAP Upgrade video which is also not good ….so if you guide me about sap upgrade then its really bonus for me…. actually sir i have to upgrade some where ….and i need help …..thanks for reading my long boring request

    1. Hi Mr. Khan

      I am writing this mail with reference to your comment in my website. Reg. Any type of SAP Jobs, Opportunities are huge. Only thing you must remember is that you should have through knowledge or skilled person in the selected subject. I have selected SAP Basis as my domain 6 years back and succeeded in the training field. I have recorded 109 videos on SAP Basis administration. I have not recorded any videos on SAP up gradation. When I record, will share with my students, subscribers or my video buyers.

      Now, I am offering access to download all the 109 videos that are recorded by me on SAP Basis/Netweaver administration. You can go through the following product page in my digitally downloadable store for more details about my videos.You can pay to download the videos instantly within the store itself.

      Demo video is there in the product page to test my voice and way of explanation.
      I hope you will be in my list of students/subscribers to get updated with great knowledge.

      Best regards
      Raj – Software & Well being Trainer/Consultant

      Punarvasi Technologies
      (Training and Education company)
      FB Fan Page:

  2. Hi Raj,

    I want to access these videos ,what is the current low price for these videos? I cannot pay that much .Please let me know how much you can discount?


  3. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know the cost of these videos?
    I do not have access to youtube, are these video can be offline available?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mr. Leo

      You can check your mail to know more details about getting the access to download these files.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

    1. Hi Mr. Victor

      You can go through your mail for more details about getting access to watch the videos that are listed in this page.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

  4. I sent a mail but never got a responce. I wanna know the details of getting the vmware server with all the business suites and even solman. I would really appreciate a quick responce as its becoming urgent. Thanks

  5. Dear Raj

    Do you same video for AIX platform ? means installation procedure on AIX , SAP daily administration on AIX



    1. Hi Mr. Santosh

      I do not have. Except starting installation on unix based, rest of the phases are same as windows. I may record videos on different platforms in future.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

        1. Hi Mr. Vishal

          I have sent a mail with details on how to watch the videos on SAP Basis/Netweaver administration. You can get back to me for more details if you want any.

          Best regards
          Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

  6. Hello! Dear Mr. Raj Punarvasi,
    I am interested in SAP BASIS Training Videos (101),
    please tell me the procedure to subscribe, waiting for
    your earlier response.

    Thanks & best Regards

    1. Hi Mr. Khan

      You can go through your mail for more details about accessing these videos.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

    1. Hi Mr. Kumar

      You can go through your mail for more details about accessing these videos.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

    2. Hi Mr. Kumar

      You can use the PayPal subscribe button above to become my private list of subscriber to watch my videos on SAP Basis/Netweaver administration.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

    1. Hi

      I am not providing pdfs. I am providing access to watch videos on SAP basis administration. You can learn SAP Basis or netweaver administration just by watching my videos.

      Subscribe early to get the benefit of low price.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver trainer

  7. Hello, i would like to know the procedure for accessing this videos,
    please email me all the details to my email id at your earliest.


  8. I am interested for all the videos for Basis, and also IDES, can u provide all on DVD’s , what would be the charges, and will a vm lab available, i would need them all on DVD- DVD9 dual layer,
    let me know.


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