SAP basis training videos – step-by-step procedures (218)

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SAP basis training videos

SAP Basis training videos are recorded by me(Mr. Raj Punarvasi). I have trained & helped students & clients in more than 50 countries. I have recorded these videos to make the learning of SAP Basis & HANA administration easier. If you want to learn sap basis quickly, you should watch my videos for 3-4 times. After watching these videos, you will definitely gain confidence to administer & troubleshooting of different sap systems.

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SAP Basis course

SAP Basis training videos are specially recorded to transform my knowledge to you as quickly as possible. You can refer these sap basis training videos to make learning sap basis easier, flexible and more convenient.

SAP Basis videos (Main videos)
1Video 1 – How to install VMware workstation.mp40:06:22
2Video 2 – Installing Windows server 2008.mp40:08:36
3Video 3 – Setting FQDN of Win Server for SAP system instalaltion.mp40:04:26
4Video 4 – Configuring performance settings in windows server 2008.mp40:01:31
5Video 5 – Installing Configuring and Testing J2SDK.mp40:04:03
6Video 6 – Installing Oracle in Windows Server 2008.mp40:05:29
7Video 7 – Applying oracle patch set
8Video 8 – Installing and configuring MS Loopback Adapter (Optional).mp40:05:37
9Video 9 – Uninstall oracle.mp40:04:06
10Video 10 – How to do Prerequisites check for SAP installations.mp40:05:29
11Video 11 – Installing Central Service Instance – Global Host preparation.mp40:11:21
12Video 12 – Installing Database Instance.mp40:09:05
13Video 13 – Installing Central Instance.mp40:08:42
14Video 14 – Installing dialog instance.mp40:11:55
15Video 15 – How to install SAP Netweaver 7.0 EHP1 within VMware workstation 9.mp40:45:10
16Video 16 – Installing SAP GUI for Windows.mp40:05:02
17Video 17 – Applying patch to SAP GUI for Windows.mp40:05:01
18Video 18 – Installing SAP GUI for Java.mp40:06:05
19Video 19 – Configuring SAP GUI for HTML.mp40:08:46
20Video 20 – How to start SAP system.mp40:02:36
21Video 21 – How to log on to SAP system.mp40:03:04
22Video 22 – Installation check.mp40:00:53
23Video 23 – Installing SAP License.mp40:08:31
24Video 24 – TMS configuration.mp40:06:51
25Video 25 – Importing profiles.mp40:03:34
26Video 26 – Changing default client.mp40:06:15
27Video 27 – Stop SAP system.mp40:02:30
28Video 28 – SAP Architecture – Introduction.mp40:15:23
29Video 29 – Client and Server configurations.mp40:13:31
30Video 30 – Instance and Characteristics of a Central Instance.mp40:14:34
31Video 31 – AS ABAP Work processes.mp40:19:47
32Video 32 – How SAP system communicates with the database.mp40:07:53
33Video 33 – Process flow for a dialog step.mp40:09:16
34Video 34 – Difference between Database Transaction and SAP Transaction.mp40:08:31
35Video 35 – Process flow for user requests.mp40:17:56
36Video 36 – Significance of lock mechanism.mp40:15:42
37Video 37 – Introduction to profile files and  maintenance.mp40:16:26
38Video 38 – Consistency check of SAP system profiles.mp40:12:37
39Video 39 – Profile files at operating system level.mp40:05:04
40Video 40 – How to maintain instance profile.mp40:16:15
41Video 41 – What is start profile and how to recognize.mp40:08:50
42Video 42 – How to maintain default profile of an SAP system.mp40:12:55
43Video 43 – Operation modes.mp40:16:48
44Video 44 – Basics of user administration and authorization concept.mp40:08:19
45Video 45 – User administration in SAP system.mp40:15:58
46Video 46 – Mass user maintenance.mp40:11:24
47Video 47 – Login Parameters.mp40:07:59
48Video 48 – Security administration.mp40:26:28
49Video 49 – Missing authorization concept.mp40:13:50
50Video 50 – How to download and upload a single role in an SAP system.mp40:04:38
51Video 51 – Client creation.mp40:06:15
52Video 52 – Logging into new client.mp40:08:12
53Video 53 – Client copy – Local.mp40:13:36
54Video 54 – Deleting client.mp40:08:29
55Video 55  – Client export and import.mp40:14:07
56Video 56 – Remote client copy.mp40:15:45
57Video 57 – How to use scc1 t-code.mp40:08:32
58Video 58 – What is RFC.mp40:09:29
59Video 59 – Creating RFC destinations.mp40:08:39
60Video 60 – Testing RFC connection.mp40:03:05
61Video 61 – Remote Logon.mp40:03:36
62Video 62 – SAP System landscape.mp40:03:35
63Video 63 – Configuring single system landscape in SAP Netweaver.mp40:07:19
64Video 64 – Configuring two system landscape in SAP Netweaver.mp40:07:18
65Video 65 – Configuring three system landscape in SAP Netweaver.mp40:11:03
66Video 66 – Configuring multisystem landscape in SAP Netweaver.mp40:12:02
67Video 67 – Checking TMS configuration.mp40:05:40
68Video 68 – Creating TMS – System landscape.mp40:10:38
69Video 69 – Creating transport roots.mp40:07:34
70Video 70 -Transporting single role using customizing request.mp40:14:05
71Video 71 – Creating sample ABAP program.mp40:05:12
72Video 72 – Transporting object using workbench request.mp40:17:46
73Video 73 – How to configure backup domain controller in TMS.mp40:03:44
74Video 74 – Daily tasks in SAP system management.mp40:13:21
75Video 75 – SAP service market place.mp40:13:08
76Video 76 – SAP Developer network.mp40:10:47
77Video 77 – Introductions to system monitoring.mp40:15:03
78Video 78 – Creating CCMS Monitor set and Monitor.mp40:04:18
79Video 79 – Configuring central monitoring.mp40:11:15
80Video 80 – Properties variants and threshold values.mp40:08:54
81Video 81 – Fundamentals of background processing.mp40:13:25
82Video 82 -How to create variant for an ABAP program.mp40:07:00
83Video 83 -How to schedule time-dependent jobs in an SAP system.mp40:13:13
84Video 84 – How to schedule event-based background job.mp40:06:55
85Video 85 – Output processing in the SAP system.mp40:10:38
86Video 86 – How to create printer and spool server in the SAP system.mp40:12:26
87Video 87 – How to apply patches to an SAP system using SPAM t-code.mp40:12:52
88Video 88 – How to install Add-on in an SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES system.mp40:06:56
89Video 89 – How to install BI_CONT Add-on in an SAP system.mp40:10:15
90Video 90 – How to use SNOTE to apply the corrections within the SAP system.mp40:11:46
91Video 91 – How do we start and stop oracle instance in an SAP system.mp40:11:58
92Video 92 – How to perform offline oracle database backup in SAP system.mp40:14:06
93Video 93 – How to create new table space in the oracle database in an sap system.mp40:19:54
94Video 94 – How to drop a table space in the oracle database in an sap system.mp40:08:50
95Video 95 – How to extend tablespace in the oracle database in an SAP system.mp40:19:12
96Video 96 -Installing VMware workstation 9 for ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES installation.mp40:11:50
97Video 97 – How to install Windows Server 2008 OS for installing ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES.mp40:18:24
98Video 98 – Prerequisite software installation for installing ECC 6 0 EHP6 IDES.mp40:17:18
99Video 99 – How to install ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES in Windows Server 2008.mp40:19:27
100Video 100 – Steps after ECC 6 0 EHP6 IDES central system installation.mp40:32:02
Bonus Videos
101Bonus video 101 – Advanced navigation within the SAP system.mp40:17:43
102Bonus video 102 – How to activate extra language in sap ecc ides system.mp40:11:08
103Bonus video 103 – How to change the text of initial log on screen of an SAP system.mp40:04:55
104Bonus video 104 – How to download and upload roles in an SAP system.mp40:08:12
105Bonus video 105 – How to install and log on to SAP Enterprise Portal.mp40:20:16
106Bonus video 106 – How to install EHP7 for ERP 6.0 IDES.mp40:59:29
107Bonus video 107 – How to install extra language within solution manager system.mp40:13:58
108Bonus video 108 – How to install SAP BW 7.3 EHP1.mp40:56:20
109Bonus video 109 – Log on and screen design in sap netweaver system.mp40:13:48
110Bonus video 110 – Logging on to an SAP system and initial tasks.mp40:08:58
111Bonus video 111 – How to install Enterprise Portal in the same server as ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES.mp40:23:52
112Bonus video 112 – How to test network connectivity between 2 or more computers within VMware workstation.mp40:07:07
113Bonus video 113 – How to access an SAP system over wan using Free online DNS service provider.mp40:18:28
114Bonus video 114 – How to set noarchivelog mode in an SAP system to reclaim hard disk space.mp40:17:12
115Bonus video 115 – Enterprise Portal 7.5 Installation.mp40:26:05
116Bonus video 116 – Logon and navigate in SAP Enterprise Portal.mp40:05:27
117Bonus video 117 -How to install Process Orchestration and Process Integration.mp40:17:52
118Bonus video 118 – How to install SAP Netweaver 7.5 AS (Application Server) ABAP.mp40:16:55
119Bonus video 119 – How to install Additional Application Server Instance.mp40:17:57
120Bonus video 120 – SAP Netweaver 7.5 AS Java system installation.mp40:22:44
121Bonus video 121 – How to extract and configure windows 2012 vmdk file.mp40:38:25
122Bonus video 122 – How to install SAP GUI 7.4 for Windows.mp40:07:26
123Bonus video 123 -How to install Process Integration 7.5 AS ABAP.mp40:25:45
124Bonus video 124 – How to apply the patches for BI_CONT_XT component in SAP ECC IDES EHP7 system.mp40:08:41
125Bonus video 125 – How to bypass the maintenance certificate message to use SPAM or SAINT in an SAP AS ABAP system.mp40:06:07
126Bonus video 126 – How to install and configure Eclipse for ABAP development.mp40:16:18
127Bonus video 127 – How to extract SAR files using SAPCAR program.mp40:03:04
128Bonus video 128 – SAP Cloud Appliance Library – 80 Solutions overview.mp40:05:57
129Bonus video 129 – How to create an account in SAP Cloud Appliance Library.mp40:02:59
130Bonus video 130 – How to create an instance in SAP CAL using Amazon AWS – Live instance launched.mp40:19:13
131Bonus video 131 – How to do SAP certification in cloud with a simple subscription.mp40:05:33
132Bonus video 132 – Installing SUSE Enterprise 12 SP3 for SAP Applications.mp40:13:27
133Bonus video 133 – Preparing SUSE 12 SP3 Linux to install HANA Platform 2.0 and then complete the Installation.mp40:23:14
134Bonus video 134 – Installing HANA Studio in the same host where SAP HANA Database server was installed.mp40:08:59
135Bonus video 135 – How to access SAP HANA Lifecycle management tools.mp40:05:56
136Bonus video 136 – How to stop and start HANA Database Server using HDB commands.mp40:05:10
137Bonus video 137 – How to stop and start HANA Database Server using SAP HANA studio.mp40:11:48
138Bonus video 138 – How to install SHINE content in HANA Database server.mp40:03:50
139Bonus video 139 – How to add SHINE Administrator role to SYSTEM account.mp40:04:06
140Bonus Video 140 – Copy role from ERP 6.0 EHP6 to ERP 6.0 EHP8 SAP system.mp40:16:20
141Bonus video 141 – How to solve German Language logon problem in SAP system.mp40:05:52
142Bonus video 142 – How to create Logical system in an SAP System.mp40:05:04
143Bonus video 143 – How to extract SUM tool.mp40:08:55
144Bonus video 144 – How to Rename SAP System DEV to QAS.mp40:15:39
145Bonus Video 145 – How to install SAP Solution Manager 7.2 AS ABAP.mp40:09:22
146Bonus video 146 – How to access SAP Solution Manager 7.2.mp40:05:09
147Bonus Video 147 – How to create custom Text on SAP FUI logon screen by using Notes database.mp40:10:38
148Bonus Video 148 – How to install SAP Web Dispatcher.mp40:14:57
149Bonus video 149 – How to start and stop SAP system using operating system command.mp40:10:59
150Bonus Video 150 – SAP HANA Express Edition in Google cloud platform.mp40:13:36
151Bonus Video 151 – SAP installation in Linux for Basis and ABAP learners.mp40:18:37
152Bonus video 152 – How to lock a transaction code in an SAP system.mp40:02:43
153Bonus video 153 – How to check spool system is working in an SAP system0:09:19
Homogeneous System copy
163System copy export folder preparation from source SAP system.mp40:08:48
164System copy from exported folder Step-by-Step.mp40:15:21
AS Java Administration
154Video 1 – How to logon to AS JAVA UME Administration Console.mp40:04:28
155Video 2 – How to create new user and then copy it to another user account in AS Java UME console.mp40:05:59
156Video 3 – How to export and import user data from UME administration console of AS JAVA system.mp40:03:13
157Video 4 – How to download current configuration file from UME of AS Java system.mp40:03:33
158Video 5 – How to view and change UME parameters in AS JAVA system.mp40:02:23
159Video 6 – How to create group and then create an user with group assignment in AS Java system.mp40:04:59
160Video 7 – How to use Enterprise portal to administer user account in AS JAVA system.mp40:03:06
161Video 8 – How to assign nwa_Readonly role in Java AS UME.mp40:02:19
162Video 9 – How to create new role using UME in AS Java system.mp40:03:42
SAP videos on SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 system
165Video 1 – How to install Oracle 12 for SAP ERP installation.mp40:07:23
166Video 2 – ERP 6.0 EHP8 Installation on Oracle
167Video 3 – How to logon to SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 system.mp40:07:49
168Video 4 – How to backup virtual machine ERP 6.0 EHP8.mp40:04:41
169Video 5 – Starting Oracle database and then SAP ERP system.mp40:12:14
170Video 6 – How to Perform SAP initial consistency check.mp40:01:10
171Video 7 – Creating Named User and company in SAP ERP system.mp40:10:32
172Video 8 – How to setup TMS in ECC 6.0 EHP8 system.mp40:03:37
173Video 9 – How to prepare ERP 6.0 EHP8 system for ABAP development.mp40:08:18
174Video 9 – Import Profile Parameters into ERP 6.0 EHP8 system.mp40:07:27
175Video 11 – Run SGEN t-code in ECC 6.0 EHP8 system.mp40:13:16
176Video 12 – Update SAP Kernel patch level in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP80:07:56
177Video 13 – How to update Software Package Manager in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 System0:05:03
178Video 14 – How to implement notes using SNOTE in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP80:09:12
Troubleshooting videos
179Troubleshooting disp+work dispatcher grey stopped in an SAP system.mp40:08:47
180How to restore the database from a database backup.mp40:20:22
How to install S4HANA 1709
181Video 1 – Installing SUSE 12.0 SP3.mp40:14:16
182Video 2 – Preparing SUSE Linux OS for installing HANA Database server.mp40:05:21
183Video 3 – Installing HANA 2.0 SPS2 – Step-by-step.mp40:13:39
184Video 4 -Installing SAP S4HANA 1709.mp40:54:12
185Video 5 – Installing SAP GUI for Windows to access SAP S4HANA 1709 system.mp40:05:04
186Video 6 – Post installation activities in SAP S4HANA 1709 system.mp40:18:45
187Video 7 – Perform Local client copy in S4HANA1709 system.mp40:06:12
188Video 8 – Changing default client in S4HANA 1709 system.mp40:03:52
189Video 9 – How to generate SAPOSS connection in SAP S4HANA1709 system.mp40:03:47
HANA Administration
Video 1 – Installing SUSE 12.0 SP3.mp4
Video 2 – Preparing SUSE Linux OS for installing HANA Database server.mp4
190Video 3 – How to install HANA Database Server.mp40:07:51
191Video 4 – Installing SAP HANA studio within Linux.mp40:04:43
192Video 5 – How to connect HANA Database server.mp40:03:18
193Video 6 – How to update HANA Database Server.mp40:07:24
194Video 7 – Accessing HANA Application Lifecycle management tool.mp40:03:09
195Video 8 – Accessing SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle management.mp40:02:35
196Video 9 – Importing SHINE content into SAP HANA Database.mp40:03:22
197Video 10 – Checking SHINE content after importing it into SAP HANA Database.mp40:06:00
198Video 11 – How to generate select statement in SAP HANA Studio.mp40:03:27
199Video 12 – Installing SAP HANA COCKPIT0:14:28
200Video 13 – Accessing Cockpit admin and Cockpit using respective urls0:04:59
201Video 14 – Connecting to SAP HANA Cockpit SYSTEMDB through hdbsql0:03:21
202Video 15 – Creating technical user for registering resource in the SAP HANA Cockpit Manager0:05:41
203Video 16 – Registering SYSTEMDB resource in SAP HANA Cockpit Manager0:06:52
204Video 17 – How to enter Database credentials in SAP HANA Cockpit web-app0:03:02
205Video 18 – How to create resource group in SAP HANA Cockpit manager0:04:31
206Video 19 – How to create user accounts in SAP HAAN Cockpit manager0:08:16
207Video 20 – How to enter HANA Database credentials in SAP HANA Cockpit0:04:04
208Video 21 – How to assign xs administrator role to SYSTEM user account using HANA cockpit0:03:31
209Video 22 – How to import SAP HANA SHINE Content into Database0:02:07
210Video 23 – How to browse SAP_HANA_DEMO catalog using Database explorer in HANA Cockpit0:03:46
211Video 24 – How to change SQL console parameter using HANA Database explorer0:01:58
212Video 25 – How to configure system properties within SAP HANA cockpit0:02:52
Netweaver 7.5 Installation in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3
213Video 1 – Installing Netweaver 7.5 in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP30:18:55
214Video 2 – Installing SAP GUI for JAVA in SUSE Linux and then accessing SAP Netweaver 7.50:08:36
215Video 3 – How to start and stop SAP Netweaver 7.5 in SUSE Linux OS0:05:53
216How to create 500 users in SAP system using secatt script0:14:00
Netweaver 7.5 Installation on SAP HANA Database
217Video 1 – How to install SAP Netweaver 7.5 on HANA 2.0 SPS030:12:24
218How to configure 3 system landscape in 3 physical SAP systems0:13:35
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