SAP BASIS Training in Hyderabad.

SAP Basis training in hyderabad for the people who stays in hyderabad. You can come to our institute to learn SAP Basis administration. You will get personal guidance in doing number of practicals in SAP basis administration.

All the experiments are shown in your presence and ask you to repeat the same experiment in the presence of the faculty. With this type of approach to train you will benefit in gaining knowledge will become faster. You will not forget the steps what you do here in the presence of faculty. You have to do your own practice for attending next class.

In this training you will become master in doing SAP netweaver or r3 installations. You will get a chance to see all the types of SAP applications. You can work in a real type of SAP system landscape. You will get through knowledge in configuring and maintaining TMS (Transport Management System).

Client administration is most import topic in SAP Basis administration. Once you do sap basis course with us, you will do client administration as easy as possible. You will not have any fear in maintaining clients in an SAP system after this training.

Installing Add-ons, Applying patches and note will become much more easier for you to perform your tasks in your present or future sap basis job.

In this way, You will become master in many sap basis administration tasks after this training.

Following topics will be covered in this training:

  1. Installing SAP systems (SAP Netweaver, SAP ECC, SAP BW, EP, PI, CRM, SCM, SRM…etc)
  2. Accessing SAP system using different methods
  3. Post installation activities like setting up default client, TMS configuration, Creating developer access and understanding SAP Licensing…etc
  4. SAP system architecture (Kernel)
  5. User administration
  6. Role administration
  7. Profile maintenance / Parameter maintenance
  8. Transport Management System (Transport requests, Release and Import)
  9. Client administration (Local, Remote, Export/Import)
  10. Database administration in SAP system
  11. Spool administration
  12. SAP system monitoring using CCMS
  13. Creating RFC connections between different SAP systems and many more topics will be covered

Please ask us for more details using the following web form.

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