SAP basis course contents that I am teaching to my students

I am teaching the following SAP Basis course content to my students. I am teaching this course more practical oriented to make my students more confident in performing different tasks of sap basis administrator. sap basis administrator or consultant will get full benefit of getting more knowledge with my high impact sap basis training. I am conducting this course to group of 5-20 students every month. You can enroll for this course to join in the next batch. You can watch most important sap basis training videos at my youtube channel at free of cost. You can also subscribe to private list of videos that are recorded by me on sap basis administration at a value of 299USD. I have created all of these videos to provide more value to my sap basis training, as complimentary for my students. My students will get a free subscription to these videos.

Class Topics
1 Preparing system for Netweaver Installation
Introduction to ERP software
Installing and configuring VMware workstation
Installing and configuring Windows server
Configuring network, Maximize data throughput for network applications
Checking whether the windows user belongs to administrators group or not
Configuring performance settings
Installing, configuring and testing  J2SDK
Installing Database software
Applying patches to Database
Setting FQDN for SAP system
2 Installing Netweaver
Prerequisites check
Install central services instance
Install database instance
Install a central instance
Install a dialog instance
3 Front end installation
Variants of the SAP GUI
SAP GUI Installation for ABAP
Log on to SAP system using SAP GUI
Patching the SAP GUI
SAP GUI for Java installation
Log on to SAP system using SAP GUI for Java
Changing ICM http port
Activating required services for SAP GUI for HTML
Testing SAP GUI for HTML
4 Post Installation tasks
Start SAP system
Log on to SAP system
Installation check
Installing SAP license
TMS configuration
Importing profiles
Changing default client
Stop SAP system
5 SAP System Architecture
Client/server configurations
SAP Web AS processes
Instance and characteristics of a central instance
Process flow for user requests
Process flow for a dialog step
Work process multiplexing
How SAP system communicates with the database
Difference between database transaction and SAP transaction
Significance of lock mechanism
How updates are processed in the SAP system
6 Profile maintenance and parameter setting
Profile files at operating system level
Instance profile
Start profile
Default profile
Consistencey check
Concept of operaton modes
Steps to configure operation modes
Manual switch of operation modes
7 User Administration
Basics of user administration
Authorization concept
Creating users
Editing users
Copying users
Locking/Unlocking users
Login parameters
Determining user information
Concept of central user administration
Connection to directory services
8 Security Administration
Security Architecture
User Administration
Creating and Maintaining User Master Records
Logon and Password Security
Super Users
Creating and Maintaining Single Users, Mass Users and User Groups
Copying Deleting Locking/Unlocking Users
Creation of Authorization Object
Creation of Authorization Class and maintaining the Authorization Profile
Creating and Maintaining Authorization
Creating and Maintaining Roles
Creating and Maintaining Composite Roles
Creating and Maintaining Derived Roles
Transporting and Distributing Roles
Inserting Missing Authorizations
9 Client Administration
Client creation
Logging into new client
Client copy – Local
Deleting client
Client export and import
Remote client copy
10 Setting up remote connections
What is RFC
Creating RFC destination
Testing RFC connection
Remote Logon
11 SAP System Landscape
SAP System Landscape
Single system landscape
Two system Landscape
Three system Landscape
Multi System Landscape
12 TMS Terminology and concepts
Configuring TMS & Checking Transport Directory
Configuring Transport Domain Controller & Group
Configuring Virtual SAP System & displaying Configuration
Including SAP Systems In the Transport Domain
Creating Consolidation Routes and Delivery Routes
Troubleshooting Transports
Cleaning the Transport Directory
Change and Transport System
Customizing Transport and Workbench Requests
Releasing Requests through Customizing
Workbench /Transport Organizer
Importing Change Requests
13 Tools for SAP system Administration
Daily Tasks in System Management
SAP Service Marketplace
SAP Developer Network
14 SAP Support activities
System Logs
Various Monitoring Techniques and T-Codes
Working with ABAP Dumps
CCMS Monitors
Alert Monitors
Analyzing Alerts and Performance & Tuning
System Monitoring with CCMS
15 SAP Background administration
Fundamentals of Background Processing
Various types of Background Jobs
Scheduling the Background jobs
Monitoring the Background Jobs
16 SAP Spool administration
Output processing in the SAP system
Creating printers and spool servers in the SAP system
Manage spool and output requests
Troubleshooting Printers in the SAP system
17 SAP Patches and Add-ons
Support packages and Add-ons
Importing support packages
Installing Add-ons
Using SAP Note assistant
18 Database Administration (Oracle)
Database Introduction
Database Architecture
Working with Offline and Online Backup
Database Backup, Restore and Recovery
Tape Management
Space Management
Adding Tablespace using BRTools
Database Reorganization
Working with BRTools
Database Refresh
System copy
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  1. AD

    Dear Punarvasi ,

    1.I want Sap ECC 6 Installation CD (with installation guide) , how much it cost ?
    2.Does the pack include XI components also, or do I have pay additionally for the same?
    3.How is the payment made ?


  2. BizIT

    Hi Raj,

    I’m kinda new and very interested to have in depth knowledge in Basis. But at times i’m kinda lost and need guidance. Planning to do my first ides installation. Have read the requirements for installations, but I dont have the installer itself…require your feedback to my personal mail as i have more to ask, Thanks

  3. Nageswararao

    Hai Raj,

    I am with at System’s Administration from the past 3 years and I have the Basic knowledge on Networking. Now I am planning to learn SAP-Basis. Please suggest me whether it is right ?

    • Raj

      Hi Nageswara Rao,

      As a network administrator, you can learn SAP Basis administration easily. SAP basis knowledge will give you an opportunity to jump to SAP basis administration from the present networking job. If you are interested to join the course please let me know.


  4. Masood

    Dear Punarvasi ,

    1.I wants Sap ECC 6 Installation CD , how much it costa
    2.Do you install SAP ECC 6 ,how much it costs
    3.Do you install it through remote desktop, if yes which way team viewer or normal remote desktop,installing will take how many hour
    4.If electricity goes in between while installing is there anything we can do
    5.How payment is made
    6.Do you give guarantee for installation.

    Mobile : 9747506815

  5. Rituraj

    I am web developer in PHP and in job since 3.5 year but I am planing to change my field. I heared about SAP basis administrator course. So could you tell me Is this my step right? and Can you send me depth course content of SAP basis administrator.


    • Raj


      Why do you want to shift the field. I am basically a Network administrator and learned sap basis administrator. We should have experience in SAP Basis to get good job in SAP. Before planing to jump into SAP field, be sure to get some experience in the SAP field. I am just having online sap installations experience. You can find out SAP Basis course details in my website. Please get back to me if you need more information.


  6. Ana Gupta

    Hi, I’d like to know from you if after doing these courses, do you think it can be easy to find a FIRST job, or can it be difficult if no previous experiences? Thanks.

    • Raj

      It is not so difficult to get a first job, but you need to have through hands on practice to face the interviews. Better to have some experience in atleast other IT sector. I suggest this course mostly to network administrators (Windows / Linux / Unix), Database administrators (Oracle, MSSQL 2000/2005/2008, DB2). These people can underatand the SAP basis administration course easily and can pickup very fastly than others. Please get back to me for any other queries.


    • Raj

      303000/- in seimens, which includes exam fee, corse fee and tax. We can do this same course at ameerpet just for 10000/- but we need to pay exam fee to write sap certification exam.


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