SAP Basis Consultant Salaries in India

SAP Basis Consultant Salaries in India is mostly asked question by fresh learners. To answer them, I did little research in internet and collected the following data about SAP Basis Consultant Salaries in India. It would be useful to read all the data at one place.

SAP Basis Consultant Salaries in India:

As per Pay scale: 510,868 per year

SAP Basis Administrator Salary. The average salary for an SAP Basis Administrator is Rs 510,868 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle 11g, and IBM DB2.

As per glassdoor: β‚Ή577,958/yr

The national average salary for a SAP Basis Consultant is β‚Ή5,77,958 in India. Salary estimates are based on 201 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by SAP Basis Consultant employees

As per quora answers: 2-6 Lakhs per year

Most of the people answered in quora about average salary for SAP Basis consultant with 1-2 years experience or freshers would be around 2-6 lakhs. It is based on orgnisation standards. You don’t need to stick with these figures while asking in your HR interviews. If you are confident about your skill, You can demand more.

As per most of the freelance consultants: Up to 30 Lakh per year

I have enquired with some of the freelance consultants who deals with SAP Basis, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA skills, They told me that their income would be around 20-30 lakhs per year. It is clearly evident that freelance consultants are earning more than regular job holders.

Apart from above research, I found a answer in Quora about Salary, I found an interesting answer to the question “What is your salary” Surprisingly he is my brother.

Answer is as follows…

30 LPA – 4 Years Exp.

2014 – 3.6 LPA (I st Job) – Web Developer

2014 – 5 LPA (2nd Job , Current Company) – Web Developer

2015 – 9 LPA (November) – Senior Web Developer

2016 – 16 LPA (August) – Frontend Lead Engineer

2017 – 22 LPA + 2 LPA (Bonus) – Web development Lead

2018 – 30 LPA (May) – Technical Architect

Pretty happy about job and work – Very exciting and always challenging.


Work from Home


Currently spending nights [60+ Night Outs still counting πŸ˜‰ Building something revolutionary.

Now, you can imagine that designation not a important criteria to earn more salary. You should understand the fact that you should be ready for the organisation’s requirement. It is quite simple logic to understand. It is called demand and supply. Are you learning demand skill? This is the question you must ask and you must learn to demand for the desired salary….

Salary mainly depends mostly on how important your skills to any specific organisation. If you skilled and organisation depends on those skills, your pay would be at high.
For example, If a specific client may ask you to launch an SAP instance in cloud environment, If you charge around 1000USD to do that specific job, you can do that job within 1–2 days. You can get 1000USD if you ask just for 2 days. That is the power of skill and meeting the client who need it.

As you have asked a question β€œWhat is your salary now” I can give my income vs time that worked approximate.
2012 – 22 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)
2013 – 25 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)
2014 – 25 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)
2015 – 24 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)
2016 – 26 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)
2–17 – 27 Lakh (approx) (Average 5–6 hours per day excluding Sundays)

You can earn as much as you want if you have right skills and right clients. You must have some good marketing skills to sell your skills. Otherwise it is very difficult to earn more money even though you have skills.

Any comments are welcome….

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