SAP 4.7 IDES VMware image to practice Transport Management System configuration on 3 physical systems

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Transport Management Systems is very important topic in the SAP basis administration course. To understand this topic in better way, you need to do lot of practice on this topic. You should have 3 same version R/3 systems installed in separate servers to do make this experiment successful. You also can practice in single system by configuring virtual systems. We can not see the actual transport of requests from one system to another system. Transport Management system will be configured in 000 client.

We should have 3 sap r/3 systems, such as development, quality and production systems to configure transport management system between these thress systems.

The TMS is the transport tool that complements the change and transport organizers for central management of all transport functions. The TMS is used to perform the following functions.

  • To define a central transport domain controller to manage transport configuration in a group of the related SAP systems
  • To configure the R/3 systems landscape by assigning roles to each system in a group
  • To define the transport routes among these r/3 systems within the configured landscape
  • To display and manage the import queues on each of these systems
  • To perform the imports of the request queues / specific requests
  • To perform transports between the systems that do not share a common transport directory
  • To distribute a configuration
  • To test the configuration
  • To display the transport logs and parameter files

So finally to test all of the above the functions while configuring TMS, you need to have either 3 4.7 systems or ECC systems. I have the VMware Virtual Machine image of 4.7 IDES and ECC 6.0 SR IDES. I prefer 4.7 IDES to do TMS configuration experiment. The reason behind this is that the image file size of the 4.7 ides is very small (69.9GB) when I compared with ECC 6.0 SR2 of 215GB which is very large. We should have 3 copies of it. I do not have much HDD space to have 3 times 215GB file. So I prefer to use 4.7 Ides vmware image file. I am selling this file at $100. You can practice your TMS as well as other topics of Basis and All other modules like SD, MM, PP, FICO, ABAP….etc using this same file. I am providing complete details of the virtual file here under.

4.7 IDES VMware Virtual Hard Disk File specifications:

  • File size: 69.9 GB (71,908,982,784 bytes)
  • File Extension: vmdk
  • No. of files: only one
  • Software used to create this image: VMware work station 5.0
  • Software required to use this file: VMware workstation 5.0 or later
  • How fast this file can copied to a internal HDD: Maximum 30 minutes
  • How fast we can run SAP 4.7 IDES in any desktop of laptop with at least 512MB extra RAM: 5 Minutes
  • Booting time of the VMware image: less than one minute
  • How comfortable we can work on VMware image: I am not feeling any difference between actual system and virtual system

Please ask me any more questions on this topic or article. I will give you clear idea about how to use this file in your desktop or laptop.


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