How to replace the word ‘difficult’ with the word ‘easy’

After seeing an advertisement in the local news paper, I got a phone call from one person to enquire about the Life skills coaching that I am offering.

Replace the word difficult with the word easy

I have asked him the following simple questions

Do you have any problem in your life?
His answer is ‘Lot of problems’
Do you need a solution for the problems or do you want to become a life coach?
His answer is ‘both’ He wants to solve his existing problems and also he wants to become a Life coach

I have explained briefly about my coaching

If you want to get a solution for existing problems, you need to attend a ‘Thought Management session’ along with 21 days guided support over phone
If you want to become a life coach, you have to attend a 5 days coaching along with 1 year guidance
He has asked about my fee for both
I have told him 10,000INR for a session along with 21 days phone support
Also, I have informed 1,25,000INR to become a life coach (My current rates)

Our further talk is like this…

Client: Oh! Very costly
My self: How much would you think is cheap? No answer from him
Myself: Look at the value of life instead of cost. The same person who has created problems can not solve easily with the same kind of thought process. You need to have a special guidance along with internal process to experience the speedy recovery from your existing problems
Client: In Hyderabad, it is very difficult

Then, My explanation

Why should you use the word ‘difficult’? Why it is difficult in Hyderabad? No proper answer from him

Actually, he could not understand about the pricing properly. He is in some other sort of mindset which he did not expected about this kind of price. He may be in the thought of hearling some less price. More clearly to tell, he don’t have the clarity or don’t know the significance of Life coaching
I said that, please remove the word ‘difficult’ form your mind. People are spending huge money at various places on many unwanted things that they don’t actually use
Also, I told him to visit my website and do some research on Life skills coaching that are offered by different mentors in internet and then get back to me
He just told that he will get back

What is the immediate output form my end after this call?

I have taken a decision to produce a digital product on replacing the word ‘difficult’ with the word ‘easy’
Because, If you don’t change the way you think to solve the problems with the same mindset with which the problem has been created will not help you to come out of problems. Instead it leads to more miserable state
When you are capable enough to shift the thoughts appropriately to work in different approach with full focus, then solving any kind of mundane problems will become very easy.
To change the mind at any given point of time is only possible with the help of an internal process that should be applied on the spot
If you want to learn the process to apply in your life, you can download the product form my online store or

You can download the digital product which is created after this phone call here. An experiential session to replace the word ‘difficult’ with the word ‘easy’

You can watch the demo video in my channel.

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