Remote SAP Basis Administration, Installing and configuring different SAP systems

We are providing remote support for installing and supporting SAP ECC 6.0 on call basis. After completion of sap installation, we will show you how to backup your long sap installation into safe location, ex: to external drive. Post installation activities like installing and configuring transport management system, activating developer access to write ABAP programs, Creating Users for your daily practice…etc will be done. Briefly about our SAP basis remote support services are listed below.

  • Analyzing your system configuration for SAP installation.
  • Configuring operating system for installing ECC 6.0 or any other SAP business suite applications like SCM, CRM, SRM…etc
  • Provide installation support for IDES systems. IDES systems are Demo Systems which contain lot of sample data
  • Post installation activities like license administration, TMS configuration, Enabling developer access to be able to write ABAP programs
  • Training will be provided on the SAP installation while doing the installation of ECC.
  • Backup and restore service for installed sap system into separate disks or servers.
  • Database backup, restore and recovery services will be done daily, weekly or monthly.
  • We do Homogeneous and Heterogeneous system copies.
  • We also provide other services like user administration, client administration, monitoring and troubleshooting SAP system.
  • We also do client administration, spool administration

SAP System Installation:

Do you have the software ready and do not know, how to setup the ERP Central Component (ECC) on your computer? Then you have come to the right place. We are offering remote installation support for any type of sap system. You may contact us to install and configure any SAP products like 4.7 R/3, ECC, CRM, SCM, SRM, BI, PI, MI, EP…etc

You should be ready with the following requirements to proceed with the installation

  1. Sufficient hardware configuration to install any of the above sap software products
  2. You should have the sap DVDs ready or service market place s-user ID
  3. Server Operating System CD
  4. If you are planning installation in a virtual machine, You should have VMware or other virtual machine software
  5. Team viewer software. Through this, I will connect your computer and setup the installation

SAP Basis Administration

Once the system is setup and running in production environment, it needs maintenance to keep the SAP environment stable. SAP has developed many tools for system administrators to keep the SAP environment stable. Some of the administration tasks, which we are offering listed below.

  • Performance tuning and optimizing the SAP system
  • Transport Management
  • User Administration
  • Role Administration
  • Printer Administration
  • Applying support packs
  • Kernel upgrades
  • Backup, Restore and recovery
  • System copies
  • Disaster recovery services

Java Administration

  • Configuring SAP Web Application Server JAVA
  • User Administration in Java Environment
  • SAP Web AS Java Monitoring
  • Backup and Restore SAP Web AS Java
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