Remote installation service of ecc + bi + bo

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Remote sap installation services for all types of SAP Business suite solutions and Netweaver components will be provided. I will install SAP software on your desktop or laptop without removing your genuine OS. There are many ways to install SAP software for each type of computer. For example, We can not install latest version of ECC on 32 bit machines. In that case you can opt for lower release like ECC 6.0 SR2. You can get this service for the SAP Solutions such as 4.7 IDES,  ECC 6.0 SR2 IDES, SR3 IDES, EhP4 IDES, CRM 7.0 IDES, SCM 7.0 EHP1 IDES, SRM 5.0 IDES,  BI 7.0, BO 3.1, 4.0, PI 7.1 and Solution Manager 7.0, Solution Manager 7.0 EhP1.

Features about my services are listed as follows:

  1. Analyzing your computer and give you the report whether your computer is compatible to install any of the above mentioned SAP systems or not. If it is compatible, You will get information about which solution can be installed. If it is not compatible, You will get information about what hardware or software changes to be done.
  2. Once your system is ready with the required configuration. You  will be provided with the ftp user account. With this ftp account you can download the required DVDs.
  3. VMware image of Windows server 2003 will be provided, which includes oracle, java, and network adapter installed and configured to run SAP installations directly.
  4. Installation of VMware Workstation and it will be configured such a way that the VMware Workstation uses the existing virtual disk image.
  5. Any of the opted SAP Installation will be done (Each installation is separate and will be charged separately)
  6. Installation will be checked for any errors. Transport Management Systems will be configured in the each opted solution
  7. Developer user will be created in the system and it will be activated to make the ABAPer to write and edit custom ABAP programs
  8. Other post installation activities like changing default client, changing passwords of default users of all the default clients and explanation about how to start and stop the sap system
  9. 1 month free support will be provided for the installed SAP system, this service is only given when you plan for the backup of the long installation. This backup is useful for you in the future, if there is any problem arises in the installed sap system. I will also show you how to reconfigure it in the case of failure.
  10. All the steps will be explained during the installation. So it is a chance to learn some of the SAP Basis administrator tasks
  11. Finally, Backup will be taken to your external drive or onto the same computer as second copy. Enough space should be available in your computer to make second copy.

If you are interested to avail this service, Please get back to me. All the installations are IDES evolution versions. These installations should be used for self practice of any  functional modules like SD, MM, FICO, PP, PS, HR and technical modules like BASIS/Netweaver, ABAP and many more modules. You can also opt for other solutions or components along with main R3 or ECC system. I will configure RFC connection between the selected systems. You can either install 2 or more SAP systems on single computer or on different computers. Networking will be configured between installed systems. Please post your computer configuration here as comment. I will analyze the configuration and provide you the best solution. You can also post the information about your required module to practice. I will suggest you the right solution for practice.

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  1. hussain

    Hi Raj,

    I have dell vastro with 4gb ram and 500 gb harddisk with windows 7 installed. I want to keep window 7 and install sap latest version to practice SAP EP portal and ABAP.

    Please suggest further along with costing.

    Quick reply appreciated.

    • Raj

      Hi Hussain

      8GB RAM and 400GB(Approx) Fress HDD space is required to run this VM. Your BIOS should have the VT(Virtulization Technology) and it should be enabled to run any VMware based VMs. Please make this configuration ready and get back to me.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  2. Manni

    Hi Raj,

    Have i3 laptop m380 cpu, @2.53Ghz, 6GB Ram, Win 7 Home Premium,
    would like to install full sap system with bi ecc and abap devepoer.

    PLease advise.


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