Real estate boom depends on software market

I went to DAV public school to drop my son Mast. Kartheek. There one of my car parking friend waiting for madam. He used to park his car beside my car when my son was in II STD. He told that he has to inform madam that his son is coming first day.

I asked him about his business. He told that he is in construction field. I asked him that how is real estate market. He told me that business running very dull. He also added that he kept 2 triplex houses for sale long back for 75 lkhs. Now he is ready to sell for only 60 lkhs. I asked him when the real estate market boom will come. He said that everything depends up on software. He also said that software engineers only will have purchasing power. Also it is not hands of political parties or leaders. Software market should come up to become real estate as it is.

As per my thinking software market should come up to get things set right. I will support software market by giving free of cost education to the people around world. Please help in giving comments to my articles after reading carefully.

About my friend:

His name is Lion K.V. Senthilnathan and he did his B.Com Past president Lions Club Hyderabad. Malkajgiri(Central)

He is also a secretary and honourable manager of Sri Santoshima Temple, Santoshima Nagar Colony

And he is Managing Partner of Sri Santoshima Constructions, Real estate dealer and developers

If you are looking to buy a triplex house, write a message as comment to this post, I will inform him about you.

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