Read sap r/3 handbook to become sap basis consultant

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SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition: I have used this book to practice all the sap basis related practicals. I have installed 4.7 ides on my computer to do these practicals. I understood all the topics which are written in this book very easily with the help of 4.7 ides software installed on my computer. You can also learn SAP basis easily using the above book.

I have 4.7 vmware image 68.4 GB (73,509,175,296 bytes) file. You can buy this file from me to configure 4.7 ides on your desktop or laptop to practice all the topics listed in this book whenever you want. Just download the file, install VMware software and configure VMWare to use the .vmdk file which is downloaded to start 4.7 ides in 10 minutes. You should have good internet connection speed to download this .vmdk file

You can also install 4.7 ides software directly on your computer from the software dump (12GB). I have the installation screen shots to install this software from dump on your desktop or laptop. You can do this installation in maximum 10 hours in a good computer. You should have minimum 2GB and 80GB Hard Disk to install this software for practice SAP basis at home with the help of the SAP R/3 Handbook which is listed above. You can buy this book from above location. Please leave a comment to buy either .vmdk file or installation screen shots along with software dump.

Book Description

First to market! The best-selling SAP R/3 reference book is back and fully revised. This edition focuses on the new features of release 4.7  Get complete coverage of the latest features including Web Application Server, security, platform integration with non-SAP systems and more.  Read content that is being called “better than SAP training” which is only going to be stronger this edition with more common scenario solutions.

Implement a comprehensive, integrated application platform

Take full advantage of the power, flexibility, and adaptability of SAP — the premier solution for service-based, enterprise-scale business processes. SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition offers complete coverage of installation, implementation, operation, and support. You’ll get full details on all the components, including SAP Web Application Server, SAP NetWeaver, the ABAP workbench, and more. Administration, security, and integration with other systems is also covered.

Essential Skills for SAP Technical Consultants

  • Get an overview of SAP business, integration, and collaboration solutions
  • Understand SAP Web Application Server architecture
  • Get details on the SAP NetWeaver platform
  • Access SAP systems through the SAP presentation interface
  • Use the ABAP workbench development environment
  • Handle system administration and implement security
  • Manage system-wide changes with the Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Analyze performance and troubleshoot SAP solutions
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