R/3 system administrator / basis consultant roles and it’s description?

I am researching on what companies are asking the roles of a sap basis consultant. I have collected the information from different job sites and clubbed together and listing here the roles of a r/3 administrator or sap basis consultant to help myself as well as my blog readers. This article will be helpful to check sap basis consultant requirements before attending an interview. I am eagerly waiting for an opportunity to handle very big company in implementing or administering sap environment. I am basically a network administrator and maintained very big windows networks in my previous companies. So it may not be very difficult for me to implement or maintain sap implementation.

The roles of R/3 administrator or SAP basis consultant will depends upon size of the company, availability of resources, availability of infrastructure. SAP basis consultant may do many tasks directly or indirectly related to R/3 or external to R/3. The list of the roles are

  • User administrator – User administrator’s role is to setup and maintain user accounts.
  • Security administrator – Security administrator’s role is to create and maintain SAP security profiles, monitor and manage security access and violations
  • System administrator – System administrators’s role is to maintain the system’s health, monitor system performance and logs
  • Transport administrator – Transport administrator’s role is to transport changes between systems and mange change requests
  • Batch scheduler – Batch scheduler role is to create and manage the scheduling batch jobs
  • Backup operator – Backup operator’s role is to schedule, run and monitor backup jobs of sap databases and any operating system level files
  • Disaster recovery technical manager – Disaster recovery technical manager’s role is to create, test and execute the sap disaster recovery plan
  • Programmer – Programmer role is to apply SAPNet R/3 note fixes to programs
  • Data dictionary manager – DDIC – Data dictionary manager’s role is to change the data dictionary whenever applicable
  • Database administrator – Database administrator’s role is to manage database specific tasks and maintain the database’s health and integrity of the specific database on which the system is running
  • Operating system administrator – Operating system administrator’s role is to manage the operating system access and user ids, manage operating system specific tasks on which the system is running
  • Network administrator – Network administrator’s role is to manage network access and user ids, manage network support and maintenance
  • Server administrator – Server administrator’s role is to manage the servers
  • Desktop support – Desktop support role is to support the user’s desktop PC and to maintain printers, manages facilities such as power or utilities

We should beĀ all role player when we are going into a small company where team of less administrators or consultants. If we know how to perform above roles, we will be the key consultant for any company. Understanding and performing above roles are very easy for a network or system administrator. I am going to cover all of above roles in my blog in maximum 2 months. Keep watching this blog for more information on sap basis consultancy.

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