Publishing classified text ADs on Deccan Chronicle news paper using internet

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Publishing a classified advertisement in Deccan chronicle news paper is very easy using credit card. I have booked an advertisement regarding computer servicing yesterday. I have received a SMS on my mobile as my advertisement got approved with approval ID of W/0910/AT006735. I have booked this ad for 04.03.2010, 05.03.2010, 06.03.2010. I am using this service from last 1 ½ years. I found this service is very useful, so that I am sharing with my blog readers.

The main advantage with this service is that we can type our own ad without any spelling mistakes or errors. We can avoid travelling to secunderabad to book a classified advertisement. The only disadvantage with this type of ad is that we should be very careful about booking time. We should book the ad before 1:00PM to publish next day. You should check there is a Sunday in between. So please try to book the AD 2 working days before to publish all ads without fail.

There is a circulation of 8 Lakh prints every day throughout andhrapradesh. There are 5 lakh impressions from Hyderabad out of 8 lakh. I am finding this classified ad will give good returns on investment. In my case I used to get 2 to 3 service calls per day for advertisement cost of 400/-. So I can earn at least 700/- to 1000/- per day from the computer service calls. Booking classified ad is not a bad idea to get enquiries to your service or product.

I have booked throughout andhrapradesh for tomorrow just for 1680 Rs. So each ad costs me 560 Rs. We will see how many calls I will get from this. I have booked this ad for 3 days.

You have to register in to book the ad in chronicle classifieds. You have to login after registering and click on classified text ads. You will get one more page with the options to select main category. You have to select sub category after selecting main category. Be careful in selecting categories. Wrong selection may place your ad in wrong place. Your money will be wasted. You have to type the ad text in provided box after selection of categories. The ad text will be allowed up to 50 words. You cannot use more than 20 symbols. You also can not use more than 20 capital characters. First two words automatically published with all capital letters by default.

After completion of typing ad you have to select the packages. I suggest you to select existing packages to have the discounted price. You have to click on submit and select package and dates mentioned in the screen as per your requirement. You can click on submit or save as draft in this page. You can select either pay now or save ad in this screen. You will be asked to enter your credit card details if you click on pay now. Enter your credit card details along with 3D secure password. After verification from the payment gateway you will redirected to the ads2dc site with the success or failure message. You have to wait up to this page without closing the browser window. You can also save the ad for later payment. You need to pay before 1:00 PM for next day publishing. You should be very careful in choosing publishing and payment dates.

You are most welcome for any comments or question about this article. I will be happy to answer your questions in this blog.



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  1. shadab

    i want to publish this incident happens with me in chennai.
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