PHP 5 CMS Framework Development: Expert insight and practical guidance to creating an efficient, flexible, and robust framework for a PHP 5-based content management system (Paperback)

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PHP 5 CMS Framework Development: Expert insight and practical guidance to creating an efficient, flexible, and robust framework for a PHP 5-based content management system

Content management system (CMS) software is a necessary part of every business in these days. Unfortunately it may also a nightmare for the candidates who may not have high-tech skills. Time is at a premium for most of the people, so this makes sense to create content management system (CMS) software that will be used to create websites what ever you want.

Content management system (CMS) software can store the content we desire & make it simple to organize content we create. The high quality software, such as that offered by WordPress, makes easy to create material and look you want and reducing the need for outside vendor support. This will leads to a lower cost of keeping our website up and running.

Content management system (CMS) also helps us to use attractive templates, page arrangements, updating and layouts are all offers to create the image we want for our company. The ease of access & navigation makes all our tasks from creation to publication a breeze. Time is very important in business and no one is interested to waste time and struggling with website building and maintenance. So the CMS becoming popula day by day.

We want our web content to be rich & picked up easily by various search engines which are ready to crawl. The content management system (CMS) software is designed to help us to design a dynamic website as expected without spending hours together and will be crawled our website by most of the search engines easily.

The high-speed two-way communication is becoming important for most of the businesses to keep ahead of the competition. Wiki authoring, blogs, forums, message boards and threaded discussions are simple to implement and can complement your business in many ways. Articles, brochures, technical manuals whatever we need for our business will be easily implemented by using a CMS. We can effectively power all our online activities through the CMS software allowing seamless integration.

The online browser based CMS software allows us to control over our website in greater way. There will be less chance of mis-understandings of requirements being handed on to a third party, and no waiting time to worry about. Modules and Plug-ins can be easily installed to get even greater flexibility, to keep up to date with technological changes and changes within our business itself.

Other benefits of using CMS are greater consistency, increased security across our site, a reduction in information duplication and a generally more streamlined system. Whether we are looking for superb and expandable commerce features ( such as inventory management, affiliate tracking, shopping carts etc), or simply a better management system and better performance, all can be found within a top quality content management systems.

In today’s competitive market, we need to be looking for ways to make business run smoothly, easily and cost effectively. Many small and mid-sized businesses are discovering that content management system software has become their best friend in the workplace. Being in control, having flexibility and reliability along with saving both time and money are benefits we are all looking for in any business.

One should need practical guidance & expert insight to develop an efficient, flexible and robust framework for a php based content management system. So you will get information in this book about how to design, build and implement a content management system framework for the custom requirements of your users. You can implement solid architecture with the object orientation. You can build an infrastructure for custom modules, menus, components, user tracking, sessions after reading this book. This book is for you, if you are looking for an inside book to putting together the working framework of a flexible, robust cms in php. (more…)

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