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In order to know about what is ozone pollution, you first need to know what ozone is. It is just a molecule combined with three oxygen atoms. This is very poisonous. The ozone is always not bad. The upper level ozone is called as good ozone which protects the earth from ultra violet rays that is very harmful to the human beings. The ground level ozone is poisonous. This is responsible for ozone pollution.

The ozone pollution means a high concentration of ozone which is present at the ground levels. As most of them consider the ozone pollution to be only in the urban areas. But this is not true in all aspects. It can also be in the rural areas also. It leads to some serious health problems that affect our respiratory system. It is mainly affected to the people who are suffering with asthma problem. This is mainly harmful for children as most of the time, they keep on moving outdoors. Most of the children are interested in spending their time outside playing with friends. The high concentration of ozone affects more to the children than that of the adults. This is due to the child’s developing body; it leads to major respiratory problems.


Now let us know how to protect you from the ozone pollution. There is a lot to do by each and every one. All of us can add hands to avoid ozone pollution. The first thing to do is to avoid using vehicles in afternoon time. Most of the cars and industries produce harmful compounds and gases which results in ozone pollution. So the concentration of ozone should be reduced. 

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