Notes on evolution of SAP solutions

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Some of the important points about sap solutions and about evolution of its products. I have collected there points and added some information by me.

  • SAP AG became world’s leading vendor of standard application software. Standard application is the software which can implemented any of the business which exists all over world.
  • SAP R3 is business application software/solution which can be implemented in any business to enable the business functions run smoothly
  • SAP R3 release 3.1 is the first internet enabled solution. Internet enabled means that the users can interact with the sap system using internet browsers like internet explorer, netscape navigator, mozilla firefox…etc
  • SAP became golbal business solutions company. Company can give solution to any type of company which is located any where in the world.
  • SAP R3’s solid technological foundation was improved with the introdcution of SAP web application server
  • SAP Web application software enabled us to run programs either on ABAP or on Java Engine (J2EE)
  • Web services based artchitecture was introduced in
  • SAP netweaver can be defined as the web based integration and application platform which is used by all the sap solutions
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