New solar charger for mobiles

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Solar charger main advantage is you can charge your mobile phone in any ware .when you have to make important calls and your phone runs out of battery. That time solar charger is the helpful for chagrin your mobile anywhere.The solar mobile charger having with a built-in rechargeable from the sunlight. This universal mobile solar charger has the ability to store Solar Energy and one can utilize it when charge your mobile. You can charge mobile phones , i-pods , cameras and almost every similar electrical gadget  with this particular usage solar charger.


  • You Can charge most of the mobiles in lesser than 5 hours of direct sunlight.
  • You Connects to almost every mobiles and iPods, mp3 players, phone, and similar gadgets.
  • In this solar charger have Home and Car power connectors.
  • It comes with many of connectors which make it compatible to many devices.
  • You can charge your mp3 player’s phone, mobiles etc. Anywhere with the energy stored.
  • You can charge USB gadgets also USB sockets included for charging
  • I used the solar charger for charging my iPod and mobile phone, the charger is effective and does prove useful when you actually need it.


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