MySQL Database Management System – designed and developed by MySQL AB

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MySql is a one of the most popular database management systems. This is developed, distributed and supported by a company called Mysql AB. Sun microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire MySQL from MySQL AB for $ 1 billion on January 16, 2008

MySQL is a database management system. Database is a structured collection of data. Example like book list in a library, products in a shop, students in a college or school…etc after storing of these data in systematic manner, we can access and generate reports as we need it. We need a database management system to add access and process data from a database. One of the best database management systems throughout world is MySQL.

Relational database management system is a database management system where we put data into separate tables instead of putting all the data into big basket. MySQL is a relational database management system. This type of database management system helps us to get speed and flexibility.

The software can be modified and use by anybody is called open source software. The MySQL is open sourse software. The Mysql server is very fast, reliable and easy to use. The name MySQLmeans – Co founder of MySQL Monty Widenius’s daughter, My and Structured query language. The dolphin name is sakila, They chosen dolphin as logo of Mysql because dolphins are very fast, reliable and kind, in groups they kill sharks.

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