Mr. Devi Prasad is looking fo an oppertunity as SQL Database Administrator – 6 Years Experience

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I have been teaching MCSE at Pride IT Institute at Ameerpet. There, I met some of the SQL Database administrator who are looking for an opportunity to work as DBA. I am posting Mr Devi Prasad’s Resume here to help him. Please help him in providing suitable position as SQL Database administrator in any reputed company.

Objective: Seeking a position to effectively apply my skills to the best of my ability for your esteemed organization and strive for the excellence of organization and self.

Professional Synopsis:

  • 6+ years of experience in Information Technology in SQL Server Administration and Development.
  • Around  3+ yrs of experience as SQL SERVER DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR that includes managing large-scale databases in development and production environments on windows platform, Good working exposure on Replication, Log-shipping, Linked servers,  backups  , restores and Data Migration.
  • 4+ years of experience in  SQL Developer in  T-SQL,SSIS

Educational Qualification: MCA from Nagarjuna University in 2003


  • Databases: Sql server 2000, 2005, Oracle 9i
  • Database Tools: SQL Profiler, DTS,  Litespeed,  SQL ADOP Diff
  • Languages: SQL, T-SQL, VB.Net, ASP.Net

Experience Synopsis:

  • Worked as an DBA in the Prokarma  from July 2010  to  November 2010
  • Worked  as an Assistant manager in the KDMS from March 2009 to June 2010
  • Worked  as a Sr Associate in the Ness Technologies from August 2007 to March 2009
  • Worked as a Senior S/W Engineer for Primaccess, Hyderabad Sept 2003 to Mar 2007

Responsibilities handled as a DBA:

  • Installed and upgraded Sql server 2000 to 2005 and created databases
  • Provided 24/7 Support for   prod and   Non-production Environments
  • Security Administration and Creation of Users, Managing their roles and privileges
  • Hands on experience in troubleshooting Database performance by understanding output of SQL profiler, Query Execution plan, DMV’s and DBCC commands
  • Hands on experience on high availability like Replication and Log-shipping
  • Extensively Worked on Data Migration
  • Experience in validating database backups and restoring in respective environments
  • Hands on experience on loading data from flat file to normalized table by using stored Procedure
  • Experience in creating Basic SSIS packages for Data Transformation, Data Migration, and Data cleaning using Business intelligence Development Studio.
  • Creating Database maintains plans like Index Management, Tempdb log file management, Disk space management and  manage Distribution Statistics

Projects handled as a DBA:

Back office Application and web:

This is Self Product of the own company which services BPO Services to many Clients in the US of Utility Services Billing Automation like Electric, Sewer, Water Etc. A Product Database Consisting of 40 Clients Used as 24/7 OLTP Database and provide web reports to help business process. Daily Load data from India server to OMAHA server and running payment
Scripts in Omaha Server.


This project is a data processing tool product for Insurance and telecom domains. This tool is using across the India. Totally ten clients are using this product, So we maintain data in the Database servers. The process is divided into different levels, those are flows from client branch –KARVY local branch – KARVY HO. Process includes Receiving Proposal Forms from branches, scanning hard copies of proposal forms, Image based entry, Image Indexing, Quality check.

Incentivo (Client: M&T Bank):

Incentivo is an enterprise-wide sales & incentive system, which tracks sales, calculates incentives and award employees based on their performance. This application has an online interface and data interface. Online interface lets the user interact with the application using user interface and data interface lets the application export and import the data from external application.

Incentivo application is categorized into following modules:

Modeling & Forecasting, Reports, Adjustments, Calculation, Admin & Data Integration, and Payout respectively

Sumitomo – CAEVS (Client: Sumitomo Bank) :

Developing Web Enabled Online Voting System for Corporate Actions Issued by Sumitomo Bank. Project contains three modules Admin, Custodian and Account Owner. Admin module details all the administration Related tasks like Feed Scheduling, Hierarchy Approval etc and Custodian Module deals with Issuing Notification, Proxy Creation, and Reports etc. Account Owner details with all the account related reports information

Responsibilities handled as a Developer:

  • Created the Database and tables using design document specifications.
  • Written stored procedures, functions triggers views and cursor to the tables in the database.
  • Updated scripts for client to each Version Release.
  • Analyzing project based on client requirement and preparing the wire frame document.
  • Performed general technical troubleshooting and provided consultation to development teams.
  • Working on SSIS Packages.
  • Preparing queries for database testing.
  • Maintain scripts in VSS.

Projects handled as a Developer:

Reverse mortgage is a type of loan available to seniors (62 and over in the US), used as a way of converting their home equity into one or more cash payments while retaining ownership of the property and avoiding monthly payments. The Purpose of developing this web application is to provide an extremely efficient tool to mortgage lenders that will organize their pipeline (current active loans) while also giving them an extremely efficient and effective manner to communicate to their vendors and each other internally. In this project User is provided with Outlook like interface to check the mails and maintain events, tasks and alerts through calendar.

Athand24 is the real-estate site, in which the users can post their property information for selling, Rentals or for vacation. There are mainly four types of users in Athand; they are Agents, Private Owners, Searcher, and Advertiser. They have their own roles. The agents and private owners has the same roles but only difference is Agents contains the particular Company either they post properties or post other people properties on the recommendation and Private owners doesn’t have the particular company they have to just post their property information. Searchers have the capability to only search a particular property and enquiry about that property. Advertiser has to post the advertisements.

Cmail The Purpose of this Project is to provide registered Cmail members an online design editor tool to create an e-brochure using standard or custom templates and send it via email to other registered Cmail members of website based on the members’ preferences. Cmail members can be dealers, Brokers, or Property owners. Members can recommend cmail and forward Cmail to other associates. User can buy the property online through this Cmail. Catalyst is the one of the major site which is affiliated to Cmail.

Cinflix, Inc is the largest Asian online DVD movie rental service offering thousands of titles for rent that cannot be found anywhere else. Cinflix is a full-featured Online DVD Solution application for various US based customers. A comprehensive online selling and affiliated network program for customers to manage the business selling DVD’s to customers as well as manage the DVD’s to customers through shipment policies managing the personal information and updating the management information and many more integrated modules.


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