How many of you really know what is printing over network?

I have written this article for all of you to be in a position to answer your interviewer very confidently over network printing or remote printing or printing over network. As you continue to read mark all your quires and send  a question at any given point in time that comes out of doubt.

The concept of learning remote printing in an SAP system will be started by learning what is network printing or printing over a network. Network printing is common in today’s IT infrastructure. Many organisations will install or configure less number of printers for more number of end users. For example, If your company has 100 computers, 300 front end users working on different type of business processes, they must need to print some documents as part of their day-to-day activities. In this case, you can install 5-10 physical printers either connected directly to any available host or to a network port directly. This connectivity depends on the type of printer. If it is network printer which has network port (RJ45) can be connected directly a network port and configure for sharing over computer network. The connected printers will be shared and should be made available to all the front users who are all working from their desktop or laptop computers such a way that, they can use these printers over connected computer network.

In an SAP system, After configuring network or local printer, you have to create an output device within the SAP system using remote printing concept. With remote printing in the SAP system, the spool work process and operating system spooler run on different hosts. Any print request which is generated by an SAP user within the SAP system will be transferred to the operating system spooler to make the document to print on a physical printer. If the output device is configured in such a way that it will send the output requests to operating system spooler which is running on another host is called remote printing concept. As you have learned how to create output device within the SAP system for local printing in the previous article in which operating system spooler and spool work process runs on the same host. I am providing difference between local printing and remote printing concept in a simpler manner here under once again for simple understanding.

OS spooler + Spool Work process runs on same host = Local printing
OS spooler + Spool work process runs on different hosts = Remote printing

Note: it is irrelevant from the SAP system’ point of view whether the printer is directly connected to the host or is reached using another network connection.

Step-by-step procedure for creating output device for remote printing are mentioned below…

1. Install SAPSprint program on the host in which the printer is connected and check whether the SAPSprint service is started or not
2. In the SAP system, run the transaction code SPAD
3. In the Devices/Servers tab page, choose the output devices push button
4. Click change button in the application toolbar
4. Click on the create new output device button in the application toolbar
5. Select the proper name and short name for remote printing output device. This setting can be done from system – user profile – own data (SU3) and defaults tab – select output immediately check box.
6. Choose the device type as per your printer model. Ex: HP3030
7. Choose the spool server and then location of the printer
8. Switch to Host spool access methods tab page and choose S as access method. You can also choose U as access method if your printer is directly connected to a network port
9. Choose the destination host on which the SAPSprint service is running
10. Save the output device for remote printing
11. Change the setting so that the output request is created immediately for a spool request
12. Output immediately check box can selected using transaction code (SU3) or System – User profile – Own data menu path.
13. Send any list to output device. Ex: run transaction code SM50 – List – Print
14. You should be able to see the print on a paper with the helping of configured remote printing

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