Make yourself clear by reading this story about earning money online just by writing original articles like me every day

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Let me tell you small story before explaining everything about earning money online just by writing good articles or incidents every day.

One day one man has called and asked me “How much do you charge to design a search engine” then i called to my office to discuss the actual requirement of that person. His name is Yasam Subhakara Rao aged 26 Year. He has shown me a website and asked me to design in the same style. But i don’t have that much of knowledge to design a search engine. Then i asked him about what is his intension in making a search engine. Then he told that he wants to earn money through adsense. Then i understand that we both are working and looking for same thing, because i also used to earn money through adsense by making a simple site and putting lot of adsense advertisements in my simple pages and advertised in adwords last year to earn money for clicking advertisements by my visitors through adwords advertisements. Now my adsense account was disabled because of some violation problem.

We both together understood that first we should have a quality website to earn money online. Any business needs a advertisement. They will show more interest to advertise in well populated(Visitors) websites instead of less visitor websites. We decided to have a good content (information) rich website. Then we have seen a video from CNN IBN about Mr Amith Agarwal who is running his own blog and realised that we need to write good information articles about any thing like to share with other internet surfers.

We both together understood the technologies involved to design a blog website. We dont have time to until develop a blog website. so that we found there is a free blog website is providing by word press in internet. downloded and started blogging in Punarvasi Knowledge Center and About New Technology.

Note:  where i earned money here.

  • I got a good same interest friend  – Is it a asset to me and him am i right?
  • I have learned SAP ECC 6.0 IDES installation and DVDs from him at no cost
  • I sold two sets of SAP ECC 6.0 DVDs including installation screen shots for 16500 INR to SAP learners located in mumbai and california
  • My friend bought a computer from me which given me a profit of 500 INR
  • He taught me about blogging and making ready made website with all the features like seo, auto poster, sitemap generator, spam filtering…etc
  • We both together planned given seminar on article writing  job offer to the job seekers in hyderabad just for 100/- and earned almost 10000/- ofcourse we spent around 10000/- for advertisements to get job seekers to the seminar. But we got a student for web designing paid fees of 5000/- and advertised the concept to almost 300 people in hyderabad at free of cost. Now we are getting good articles from our members just for 10/- each.
  • Lot more to happen

Calculate how much money i earned just by writing a free classified add about web designing. In this way we can earn lot of money by keep on writing. If you are interedted to write please contact me, i will guide you about writing. Don’t waste time by talking so much because there is no evedence about talking. If you are unable to write record voice of yours while taking and ask some body to write the same voice in english sentenses to make money.

You can share each and every movement of your life with the public to make money simultaneously. follow my route and earn moeny as soon as possible.

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  1. Jonathan Tolliday

    This is a really good article, as with making money online there are many ways to do so and there are many people who start off and then give up. You have to be willing to put the effort in and this article shows that.


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