How to make your today beautiful?

As you are reading this post today means, your day is started with beautiful message. Please remember that you are available for yourself today to make your today beautiful. Being available for yourself is the most fundamental requirement to make your today beautiful.

Thought Management System

Very simple steps to make your today beautiful…

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Go for a walk or jogg, observe your legs while walking or jogging and appreciate your legs for supporting the action of walking/jogging
  3. Clean your body with cold or warm water, feel your body like a sacred embodiment. You should clean it properly every day
  4. Do your job/business with more involvement like craft
  5. Don’t attach your emotions with the result form your actions
  6. No matter what you gain, if you follow above 5 steps, your life for today becomes beautiful. If you follow the same steps, every day also will become beautiful

There are many arrangements already have been made for a human being to live without much struggle. For example, earth to stand, oxygen to breath, water to drink, fire to digest, space to move. Apart form above arrangements, many of your body parts are dedicated to perform those specific tasks. You can just test by raising your hand up and down. Is it working? It is the beauty of your own.

Always think like this, you are unique for yourself today. No other human being is there in this world just like you. You are very special and wonderful for yourself. No matter how beautiful or ugly you looks, but you are a special and unique for yourself. Don’t forget this information during the course of day. Say thanks to the creator in each and every action that you perform through out the day. You have to think like world is there just for you. When you are not visible, world disappears for you.

When you make your mindset like this and spend your day, your today becomes beautiful automatically. Try to find out what are all your needs apartment form the fundamental requirements which are already been arranged by the creator. Very little effort is enough for fulfilling your needs (Food to eat, place to sleep), I have left it for your intelligence to make minimum needs.

Recently I saw a movie called ‘Bichagadu’ in which the hero is actually a billionaire, but he begs for 48 days successfully for a specific purpose. He has to starts his day with empty hand every day. It is a real challenge. I feel, one who wins in this kind of challenge, those can achieve anything that they want in their life.

Finally, to make this post very small and simple to read, concluding with this paragraph. You can just close your eyes and focus on your skills and resources that you have today and complete your day with dedicated work with more involvement. Your today becomes beautiful. You should remember that ‘Today never comes again” so it is your minimum responsibility to make your today beautiful.

Raj Punarvasi – Software & Life coach
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