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The major environment problem is pollution. Many people are not taking this pollution problem seriously. This is mainly because of the industries. The growing of industries has made financial development but not the environmental development. Due to the lack of environment care, the pollution started growing more and more. All the levels air pollution and water pollution are growing slowly because of these industries.

The industries based on fossil fuels are very harmful for polluting our environment. The pollution not only makes our environment polluted but also damages our health which affects our respiratory system. These diseases are taking many of the human lives. The major polluter of the planet is China and next to this is America. These countries are not only responsible for causing pollution but also for change in climatic conditions.

Many of them are not taking care in drinking pure water. They are taking it very lightly. The air we breathe is also not pure enough to breathe. The main countries suffering from this water pollution are India and China. Many of the people are dying due to the water pollution in these two countries. Gradually this number is increasing day by day. The seas are also been polluted by dumping the garbage into the sea. The oceans are very big. Because of that we are not able to see the damage of oceans. Pollution generally means destructor to the environment. This can be decreased with reduce of some harmful gases and smoke of vehicles.

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