What is the main purpose of Yoga?

The main purpose of the yoga is to have healthy body, mind and energy levels of your entire personality. If you understand the purpose of yoga and do practice of Asanas, you will gain huge benefits mentally, physically, spiritually.

Yoga is nothing but concentration. When you are in yoga pose, You will go through the certain state of meditation which will help you to attain super consciousness. Harmony between body, mind and energy is called yoga. Yoga is a science which teaches us the way of acquiring occult knowledge. Same state of mind at all times is called yoga which is said in Bhagavadgita by Krishna (Chapter II).

The combination of our body, mind and energy (prana) is called ‘I’ All the troubles are due to disharmony between the body, energy and mind. The practice of yoga is to achieve and maintain harmony between body, energy and mind.

Every individual is a part of the nature. Nature is constituted and governed by the three traits. Tamas, Rajas and Sattwa.

Tamoguna is said to be static. Rajoguna is said to be dynamic and Sattwaguna transcends these two. They exist together like the strands in a rope supporting each other. Our gross body is visible and predominated by tamoguna. Prana is dynamic and predominated by Rajoguna. Mind id filled with sattwaguna. We feel the existence of prana due to the moments in our body. Thus, our entire personality is nothing but a combination of Tamas, Rajas and Sattwa Gunas.

Yoga prescribes asanas (poses) for bringing about harmony in the body. Pranayama (both regulation) for bringing about harmony in the prana, and Dhyana i.e concentration and meditation for bringing harmony in the mind.

A process, however small it may be, needs, a force to develop, a force to move it and a force to check or to maintain it. Sattwa guna develops a force, Rajoguna causes moment and tamoguna checks and maintains. No one guna exists in isolation without the influence of the other tow gunas.

Eg: A Lotus flower kept in a pot filled with water

When the pot is disturbed the disturbance is transmitted to the water and inturn to the lotus flower. Similarly, any least disturbance caused to the body is carried to the prana, which in turn communicated to the mind.

In order to keep up the stability of our entire personality, the yoga system prescribes, Asanas, Pranayamas and Japa and Dhyana that is meditation.

In the Bhagavadgita, Chapter – VI SI – 17 explains that the yoga system is the destroyer of all pains.
Yuktaahara Viharasya Yuktacheshtasya Karmasu |
Yukta swapnava bodhasya Yogo Bhavati Dhukhahaa ||

Meaning of the above sloka – Lord krishna prescribes for the student of yoga, diet, recreation, and the like. The nervous system is very sensitive an responds even to a very slight change and causes distraction of the mind. Therefore, it is necessary to lead a very well regulated and disciplined life, with moderation in food, sleep and recreation. Take a limited quantity of food, sleep at 10PM and wake up at 4AM. Utilise morning hours between 4AM and 6AM or japa and meditation.

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