List of most important points to understand about SAP ERP software

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SAP – Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing

R – Real time

R/2 – Mainframe Solution

R/3 – Client/Server Solution

Functional SAP consultants – The experienced people in some business areas who have learned how to customize those modules to meet their
customers’ needs.

Technical consultants – The people who get acquainted mainly with the basis system of
R/3−installation, operating system management, network and database administration, and so on.

ALE – Application Link Enabled Technology

OLE – Object Linking and Embedding

API – Application Programming Interface

R/3 Release 3.1 – Introduction of Internet layer

BAPI – Business Application Program Interfaces

IAC – Internet Application Components

ITS – Internet Transaction Server

R/3 Release 4.0 – Inclusion of componential and Industry Solutions

SCOPE – Supply Chanin Optimization Planning and Execution

APO – Advanced Planner and Optimizer

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