Life skills coaching – How to become a Life Coach in just 5 days

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Life coaching is nothing but deep self understanding and self motivation. First of all, you should understand yourself at maximum levels. Hence, you are eligible to teach others. Life coaching makes you to realise the value of your life. Change is a continuous thought process and it is especially relevant to all e the human beings. Therefore, it is very difficult to hold the vibrant thought also for a longer time. So, Life coaching keeps the thought longer period and almost forever. There are 8 simple technique that will change your life almost forever. Techniques are very easy to learn. You should practice well to install all the techniques within.

Raj Punarvasi
Raj Punarvasi – Software & life skills coach. He has created more than 200 videos and wrote more than 600 articles on technology and well being. He has trained and helped people in more than 50 countries.

Life skills coaching enable you to become a life coach just in 5 days. You can apply the techniques on yourself for your own growth and also you can conduct sessions to address the mundane problems of people around you. As a life skills coach, you can change the people’s thought process for their well being. Life skills are most essential for you to perform at your peak levels.

Life skills coaching

Now is the most wonderful thought and the best time to decide to become a life skills coach. I am (Mr. Raj Punarvasi – Software & Life coach) offering this opportunity to limited people like you. I will complete the entire course within 5 days.

In this course, You will learn eight powerful techniques. You can use these techniques to conduct training to others along with your own life experiences as the content. These techniques will enable you to become peak performer in your daily activities. life skills coach can earn huge money within coaching industry by using acquired life skills appropriately. Life skills will help you to apply techniques with others in the form of well being sessions. All the techniques that I teach are unique and experiential in the nature.

Life skills coaching benefits

  • Once you learn life skills, Your quality of performance will be enhanced predominantly
  • Life skills makes you fearless in performing any good activities
  • You can change other’s thought process by applying the techniques that you learn in Life skills coaching
  • After you become life skills coach, you will always have an opportunity to help others by identifying their core strengths and make themselves to resolve their issues
  • You can promote your life skills coaching to anyone who wants to perform at their best

Life skills coaching (1-2-1 sessions)

To make this opportunity of becoming life skills coach, I am making this course available to very limited people like you, I am conducting 1-2-1 live sessions for transferring life skills. You can attend this course as fast as possible to make huge money by through individual or group sessions. This type of earning will give you peace of mind with great satisfaction of helping others and also great wealth. I hope you will not lose this opportunity. Hurry up! Grab the opportunity of learning and delivering.

What problems that can be solved through life skills?

  • Fear of any kind of situation
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arguments
  • Unclear communication
  • Frustration
  • Limiting thought patterns
  • Lack of confidence
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Financial blocks
  • Relationship issues
  • Poor decision making
  • Procrastination

What Techniques that you will be learning in this life skills coaching?


Where are all the places that you can apply life skills techniques?

  • Individual counselling
  • Group sessions
  • Specific issue session arrangement
  • At Schools
  • At Engineering colleges
  • At Organizations
  • At Various Institutions
  • You can give methods to solve any kind of human problems

To become Life skills coach within 5 days, leave your message along with your location details and convenient dates. It is a 5 complete days(5 Hours each day) coaching.  I will get back to you along with quote for the same…

If you want to become so powerful and efficient in the job that you are currently doing or a business that you are managing now, life skills coaching plays a significant role to fetch greatly satisfied life in all the directions.

It is possible for you to change your life completely through life skills coaching. Almost, you will feel the difference instantly after completion of the life skills coaching. In addition to the instant shift, pleasant state of mind can be experienced immediately. Therefore, people around you naturally shows more interest to spend time with you. You can observe your life form close quarters and you can change according to the situation. After practising all the techniques that you learn in the life skills coaching, You can also get the opportunity to teach others. You can ask any number of questions before joining this course.

You can go through my course called ‘Thought Management System‘ to know further details about this course.

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  1. raman dicuza

    Hello sir, I have gone through you site. I have the following quires.

    1: Do you provide certification after completion, I know it has no value but still can u provide.

    2: Can you plz share your experience and where all you have conducted the sessions and how many people have you trained so far.

    3: What is the cost of standing the life coach. Is it residential or non residential.

    Also you mentioned in your contents that i can delver the session groups and colleges and schools. Can u please share which all schools and colleges you have delivered the session because there is no display of the work.

    Once i am convinced i am ready to start in 3 days from now.

    • Raj

      Hi Mr. Raman

      I have sent details to your mail id. Please check and get back to me.

      Raj Punarvasi – Software & Wellbeing coach

  2. rajeev kumar


    I am rajeev kumar working as software consultent in an MNC. I am considering to become a life coach and seen ur site to be suitable. When are is the next batch starting and what is the fees.

    • Raj

      Hi Mr. Kumar

      This training will be conducted to each person separately. I have sent fee details to your email account. Please get back to me for any more information that you need before joining this training..

      Raj Punarvasi
      Software & Wellbeing coach

  3. amita

    Hi Raj,

    I am interested to know more about the training on Life Skill Coach. Kindly send me the quote and details. However I wonder if the training would be available in the area I am located which is Siliguri, West Bengal?


  4. shaher banu samreen

    hi I am working in a school I would like to become a life skills co.ordinator. As we have winter vacation would like do do the course at the earliest.
    with warm regards
    shaher banu

  5. Sithembiso Nyawo

    I would like to know where and when these workshops will be taking place. I also would like to know the fee for the workshop. I will be happy if you will give me places which are closest to me in Durban.


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